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Hit the pillow lady!

I should be sleeping as I have to get up at the crack but I’m way too excited about this blog to get shut-eye.

Here’s my plan for the blog– I love seeing other people’s food so naturally I am dying to post mine. Now keep in mind, you may be totally appalled at the crap I put in my mouth. It is NOT a pretty scene. Alas, I am trying to refrain from the endless amount of sugary (but oh so delicious) food I’ve been stuffing down for 13 years. At the end of each day I will post my grub from each meal. On a rare day I may be able to post as I eat but the weekdays are busy and without computer access.

I am totally jealous of runners and want to be one. In May of 2008 my boyfriend and I ran a marathon. Each training run was the furthest I had ever gone. Last October we ran a half marathon. Now just because I ran a marathon does not make me a runner. I want to be an every other day runner. Strap on my sneaks and go kinda gal. I may be getting there. My friend Erin and I recently decided that a half may be in our future–Nov. 8th to be exact. We aren’t exactly prepared as we haven’t been training, however we started to increase our mileage about a week ago. I will also be chatting about the ups and downs of running.

Last week I started boot camp which takes place Mon-Thursday from 6am-7am. Since I am making the efforts to drag my arse out of my warm bed and away from my bf and daughter (bulldog), I may as well make the most of it by cleaning up my eating. The goal is LESS white flour and NO added sugar…..let’s just forget about the bowl of ice cream I had tonight. I HATE to cook so I often eat strange concoctions of odd things. You’ll see starting tomorrow.

Seriously, I need to wrap this party up or someone’s going to pay tomorrow. Night!



October 19, 2009 - Posted by | Family, Food, running

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