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4:15 wake up call

Hi! So we reached our goal of running 11 miles but it was definitely tough. On my way to Erins, I sent a text pleading to make it a short run and we could run longer on the wknd. SHe said no which ended up being a blessing. I forced a banana down bc I knew I needed some energy although I had plenty left over from last night. Running after a binge is not fun. Its full of Bloat, it’s gassy, and there’s always the fear of needing a bathroom with not one toilet around. Luckily, I made it though just fine.We were running by 5 which was good because I love running in the dark. It surprises me how many single women there are out that early in the morning. I would seriously  be having a heart attack thinking that strange men were behind bushes. At mile 8 we ate Gu-I had the mint chocolate one and let me tell you–this stuff is GOOD. I could have had a bowl of it. You must buy it. I’ve had some nasty gels before and this guy is in a whole different league.  At mile 9 we passed a man holding a gatorade. I wanted to pummel him and steal his gatorade. Haven’t had breakfast yet but I’ll post something soon. Have a great day everyone. IMG_1506

My camera is pissing me off btw. I take my pictures at a normal angle and this is how they turn out. The flavors are Expresso Love and Mint (lick every last drop) Chocolate.


October 23, 2009 - Posted by | running

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