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I’m one wrap away from turning into a burrito

You guessed it… another Amy’s burrito today. That makes two tortilla wraps in one day. Also pictured is a honey crisp apple which was so juicy, and some carrots and hummus. For snacks I had  100 cal pretzels and small back of trail mix from trader joes. It’s almost ten and I just got home from class starving. How is that possible. Have you seen all the food I have eaten today?My wallet can’t keep up with my appetite. I  might need a second dinner.

Tomorrow I have to get up at the crack. My running partner and I are aiming for 11 miles and we’re meeting at 5 a.m. I’m excited for the delish meal I have planned for tomorrow afternoon. Best part of running=guiltless grub. Not even joking, the best part about running a marathon was eating 1.5 bagels immediately after. I’m totally serious.



October 23, 2009 - Posted by | Food, running, Uncategorized

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