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Self-proclaimed therapist hopper.

Every February for the last three years I’ve started with a new therapist. The first one lasted three weeks because she had no clue what she was talking about. The third one lasted just as long. She was good, I liked her. However, she asked me to keep a food journal and I didn’t do it. She gave me a free pass and told me to do it the following week. I didn’t do it that time either and felt too embarrassed to go to the appointment empty handed so I stopped showing up. (Who does that? I think I was more embarrassed to write out everything I had shoveled in my pie hole.) The second therapist was actually pretty great. She inspired me to go for my MSW. I probably lasted with her for 4-5 months before I bailed. I only lasted that long because she let me run the show. I was able to talk about everything and anything without ever touching on why I was really there. I can remember the last session clearly. She asked me to “think outside the box more”. What she meant was open up and start exploring the feelings and experiences behind my disordered eating. Apparently I wasn’t ready because I left that session knowing it would be my last. I sent her a card saying “Thanks for everything”.

I know I cannot conquer this alone so I am thinking of possible strategies. I can obviously go to another therapist. I can do a CBT Workbook (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy–which is recommended for people with eating disorders), or I can read more books about emotional eating and really work with the recommended exercises/activities. Any other suggestions out there? All I know is that something’s gotta give and it’s up to me to do the work.  Okay, enough of my banter.

Late lunch was prunes, an apple with 2 TBSP almond butter and I’m about to get an overpriced soy latte. Dinner tonight is sushi so I am sooo looking forward to that. IMG_1526

Typically this pack only has 3 prunes in it. Yesterday I won the prune lottery and got a pack that was jam-packed and heavy. It had 6 prunes.

Typically this pack only has 3 prunes in it. Yesterday I won the prune lottery and got a pack that was jam-packed and heavy. It had 6 prunes.


October 23, 2009 - Posted by | Food, Self Discovery


  1. I’m a therapist hopper too. Last year I was in a partial hospitalization program for eating disorders, then I eventually went inpatient. I have a therapist now who knows NOTHING about EDs, but I find her so much more helpful than the therapist who actually specializes in them (she recommended the book “Wasted” to me on our first session. Um…).

    OA is also pretty awesome. When my ED therapist from inpatient first suggested I go, I was appalled and humiliated. You’d be surprised how many young people with bulimia and/or COE attend.

    My current therapist always asks me what I found most helpful about my inpatient experience. And honestly, it wasn’t the medical stabilization, one-on-one therapy, etc. It was the group aspect and knowing that I’m not alone in habits that most deem taboo.

    Comment by Megan | October 23, 2009 | Reply

    • Wow Megan, thanks for sharing such a personal story. Being inpatient must have been so intense. I currently work at a partial program doing group therapy for kids and adolescents and I’ve wondered if it’s helpful to them. Its definitely nice to know that so many others struggle with eating disorders. Good for you for doing OP and OA. I hope your struggle has gotten easier and we should work together to end the shame attached to EDs.

      Comment by lpskins | October 23, 2009 | Reply

  2. Two great book are Fit from Wthin and The Love Powered Diet by Vioria Moran. I have read many books on ED but she lived it and gets it. Good Luck on your journey! Kim

    Comment by Kim | October 24, 2009 | Reply

    • Great! Thanks Kim.

      Comment by lpskins | October 24, 2009 | Reply

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