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I prefer things in sequence.

For some reason my snack post appeared under my breakfast post! I find that to be so damn odd. Anyways, I had some last-minute adjustments to my lunch and snack so it worked out for the best I guess. For lunch I chose a Amy’s wrap instead of my buckets of peanuts and noodles. I was feeling UBER (did I spell that right?) guilty about last night’s fat-fest. Notice I limited my carbs at breakfast too. Ideally I want to consume LESS sugar and focus more on proteins. The problem is that I don’t like many of the protein sources out there–such as meat and seafood. One time I found scales inside my can of tuna; not even kidding.  I can have beans and soy products but there aren’t any straight protein sources for me. Moving on-for lunch I nixed the trail mix for a lower calorie option–a bag of 100 calorie prunes I found stashed in the back of the fridge. SCORE!  Not sure what dinner will entail. Definitely a big salad with something else….I have a feeling a smaller portion of the peanut noodles will hit the spot. We’ll see.


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