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More produce on the horizon

Aren’t grapes the best? I forgot that I bought them this weekend and they were almost left to turn into raisins in my fridge. Glad I found em. For snack I have a cup of grapes and the very last (thank god) pumpkin yogurt. Now that I’m thinking about it–I should have let me grapes be raisins b/c they would be a great addition tossed in the yogurt.

I am NOT looking forward to tonight. I fear there will be no sleep in my future as I have 7 pages left to write on a mid-term due tomorrow. I swear you will hear me shouting from the rooftops Thursday morning when my paper is handed in. I might straddle my teacher in excitement. Kidding! I’ve been ignoring the rest of my life for school–specifically my boyfriend. Every night for the last three weeks we’ve been sitting in separate room so I can write. Somehow in all that time I’ve managed to hardly do any writing and still be cramming at the  last second.  I don’t get myself. Sorry if this post doesn’t make any sense–I’m rushing to get to work. (This snack is for after lunch but I’m posting pre-maturely since I won’t have access to a computer at that point.)



November 4, 2009 - Posted by | Food

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