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Ashley’s coming to town!

Ashley and I met in second grade and have been best friends since. We were naughty little children so I have great memories that will always make me laugh. In 3rd grade Ash and I both wanted to play the viola. Our music teacher couldn’t tell us apart so she made Ash play the violin instead while I got the instrument of choice. Haha, sucka! We always laugh our asses off when we get to spend time. Although she only lives in Connecticut I don’t see her nearly enough.

She and her hubby are coming to Boston and we’re going out to eat. I’ve already picked out my dinner–red beet and Vermont goat cheese salad with poached asparagus, chick peas, toasted walnuts, pickled onions, chopped tomatoes, sourdough croutons and baby spinach. tossed with orange mustard vinaigrette. Sounds really good!


She made such a beautiful bride. And yes, I'm wearing that dress again. I wore it at 5 different weddings. I busted the strap at the last wedding so it had to be retired.


Me, Alia, Ashley


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