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So I gained a little.

Good morning fine friends. I stepped on the scale to find a gain. This is not surprising as it’s what I was expecting. Had I avoided Thursday nights binge it probably would have been a tiny loss. Oh well. My girl Trina left a comment last night which was a very helpful reminder. FOOD IS FUEL. I have never thought of food as fuel. It’s been my best friend, and my enemy but it has never been my fuel. What a great way of looking at it. I haven’t had breakfast yet but I will soon.

Im really excited about our little trip this weekend. Im meeting Erin at 3 and we’re heading out. I planned to update my ipod but can’t find the cord to transfer music from the computer.  Damn it.  Typically I don’t use my ipod when Erin and I run together but I have a funny feeling she’s going to leave me in the dust. I need to be prepared to be running solo.  For any runners out there, what keeps your mind strong while running?


November 7, 2009 - Posted by | running, Weigh In

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