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Donuts and sushi…Cause that’s how I roll

Once again I ate two donuts. Why? Because I’m fat and fat people like donuts. I also ate sushi that my thoughtful bf had waiting for me when I got home from school tonight. It was the Christmas roll from Fins. So good.  My eyelids cannot withstand another waking moment so me and my sugar coma are going to bed now. I’m sure I’ll wake up tomorrow with another dimple of cellulite but I’ll deal with that in the morning. I hope you all had a great Monday. Peace out bloggies.



November 9, 2009 - Posted by | Food


  1. Lindsay,
    You just crack me up with your honesty. I have my friends here in Virginia checking out your blog. We too have all been in your shoes, infact we still are, and struggle with this food issue. Structure all day, I use Medifast products (same thing everyday) and then creativity with dinner gives me the discipline I need. Too many choices sends me on a downward spiral, but at least I can look forward to a nice dinner at the end of the day. Just wanted to let you know what works for me. Please know that the 55plus ladies in Virginia are enjoying your blog.

    Comment by Maureen | November 9, 2009 | Reply

    • Hi Maureen! Thanks for showing your girlfriends my blog. Medifast is HARD CORE! My friend used to be on that program and every time she busted out that watery shake I cringed. I wish I had the discipline to follow something like that but… I don’t. I’ve tried Nutra System a couple of times and never made it through the month..despite the cost. Well, I’m glad you found what works for you. Lovin’ the 55 plus!

      Comment by lpskins | November 10, 2009 | Reply

  2. Lindsay,
    I love your blog! I always follow your sisters and now yours! Don’t feel bad about the donuts..dounkin donuts is around the corner from my college and I’m a commuter so I always seem to manage to make my way there before class! And I ALWAYS get 2 donuts?!!? I don’t know why I can’t just eat one! But I love your blog-I totally relate!

    Comment by Jamie | November 10, 2009 | Reply

    • Hey Jaime! Thanks for commenting. One donut is simply not enough; maybe if we upgraded to a coffee roll…. But with a measly little thing like a donut, two is the only way to go. So happy you are enjoying the blog.

      Comment by lpskins | November 10, 2009 | Reply

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