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Random dinner

The bf and I went grocery shopping and since I am practicing Intuitive Eating I bought what I wanted: veggie egg rolls and broccoli crowns. Everything was soo good. I topped the broccoli with gorgonzola cheese. I remembered half way through that I hadn’t taken a picture…pardon me. I also had a couple bites of Len’s mashed potatoes. Yum. They were buttery and creamy.












Half eaten.

Last summer Len and I discovered the most wonderful ice cream–Turkey Hill Southern Lemon Pie. It’s lemon ice cream mixed with marshmallow and shortbread. It’s a limited edition so we bought the last one at Shaws. You all must run to your nearest grocery store and grab it. You will NOT be sorry.


Can't wait to dive into this biotch.

So I did not hit up the bins today despite many temptations. I did however eat all my packed snacks. I wish I could show you all the huge bruise from this mornings tumble. I’d take a picture but it’s on my upper thigh and that may or may not be inappropriate.


November 11, 2009 - Posted by | Food

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