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Lonely Banana

I’m not hungry yet this morning so I only packed a banana for breakfast. Erin and I didn’t end up going running so my appetite isn’t as big as it usually would be. I had just left for Erins when she called and said her clothes were in her car parked several streets away. I happily agreed that it would be easier to go tomorrow morning and drove home to bed. I woke up this morning as a Lindsay sandwich between my favorite guy and my favorite girl. I love that.

I’m pretty sure  I don’t match today. Orange pants and a gray sweater. Does that go? I have these orange pants that are so hard to wear because they don’t work with anything. When I wear a black shirt I feel like a Halloween poster, and a brown shirt makes me feel too “one with the earth”. Whatever, I’ve always been 70% slob so it’ll all works out. IMG_2197


November 12, 2009 - Posted by | Food

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  1. Lindsay, don’t downgrade yourself. You are not a slob and you’re beautiful in any color you chose to wear.

    Comment by Mom | November 12, 2009 | Reply

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