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Splendid surprise

Morning friends, I am surprised to report that I actually had a decent loss this week. Looking back at my food intake I found donuts, ice cream, candy, processed snacks, and then some healthy foods. The past three days I have followed intuitive eating and although it certainly wasn’t perfect, it paid off. The funny thing about intuitive eating is that I always lose weight whenever I try it. I can be on a roll but then fall back into the pattern of bingeing. At that point I decide it’s best to start a diet plan, then the cycle begins again. This time around we know that 30 days must pass before a diet can even be an option. Will these days be binge-free? Realistically, probably not. I am not expecting to break a 13 year pattern in 30 days, I know better than that. I am trying to let myself be free from always thinking about food, my weight and unhappiness with my body. These thoughts have parked themselves in my mind for too long now and occupy too much space. I want to clear all that out and make room for new ideas and outlooks. I bet I am capable of some pretty cool things if only I was open to it.


November 14, 2009 - Posted by | Self Discovery, Weigh In

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