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No sweets post supper

My eggplant came out quite nicely and I helped myself to 1/4th of the pan. I wasn’t feeling the boca burger so I had a couple bites before tossing it aside. Overall, I was impressed by how filling it was and am looking forward to the left-overs! Woot, woot. I cannot count on Len to help a sister out because he hates both feta and gorgonzola cheese. Oh well, more for me. Since I’ve been locked in my bedroom writing a paper, I haven’t been seeking out any dessert. I gave the bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies the once over but moved on pretty quick. I will thank myself tomorrow morning when I wake up not feeling bloated.

I must say that I’ve been missing my runs with Erin. Hopefully we can get it together real soon and continue our impressive running streak. Tonight Len and I decided that December first marks the beginning of our marathon training. It might be a little on the early side since the marathon isn’t till the end of April so I’m not convinced that we’ll stay true to that date. Last year when we trained, Len lost a bunch of weight and I did not lose a single pound. At that point I was 159 and slightly bitter, not gonna lie.

Look at that steam.



November 18, 2009 - Posted by | Food, running

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