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Feeling honored.

Since starting my blog, I have received many emails from women who also struggle with disordered eating. It amazes me how serious this issue is and how often we shrug it off. “Fat talk” has become so normalized that we no longer recognize it as a problem. A couple days ago, I got an email from a girl I went to high school with. She opened up about her battle with anorexia and how she still struggles. I was overwhelmed with emotion for a couple of reasons. Although I did not know this about her at the time, we could have used each other as a support system in high school. It would have been so nice to know that I wasn’t alone in my struggle. I also felt so happy that she trusted me enough to open her heart. Having, admitting, and owning an eating disorder is incredibly shameful. However, I believe it becomes less so the more it is spoken about. I encourage anyone who has been keeping this secret to entertain the thought of telling a trusted friend. I understand how incredibly scary this is but I fully believe that it’s a stepping stone towards recovery. Start by emailing me; we’ll work from there.

Thank you for your amazing stories.


November 19, 2009 - Posted by | eating disorder, Self Discovery

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