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Binge season is among us.

I love the holidays but boy do they make me anxious.My first party of the season is tonight and I have parties scheduled every weekend until January 23rd. This means that I will be faced with lot of new and delicious food choices. The drinking part I’m not worried about because I can nurse a couple glasses of wine and be happy with that. Parties= Vulnerability to binge. The advice I always get is,” focus on the people and not the food.” As hard as I try, there are still appetizers, meals, candy, and desserts around every corner. My game plan for tonight is to eat before I go and avoid the food table until I’m actually hungry again. Then I can eat intuitively without feeling guilt. I know that it’s important to be active regardless of what I’m eating. The worst part about over eating is feeling like shit the next day. I find it hard to be social and pleasurable to be around when I’m out of control. I found this article to be pretty helpful on how to avoid weight gain. (Sorry, I can’t seem to figure out how to actually link this so you dont have to copy and paste into browser.)

What are some ways you deal with the holiday festivities?

Before running this morning I ate a glow bar. I planned to only have half but couldn’t resist the whole thing. Our run was short but satisfying.


November 21, 2009 - Posted by | Food, fun, running

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