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Moving on up…

The scale that is. I had a pretty significant gain this week but that was to be expected. Last weekend my family was here and we overindulged everyday. I also had three binges since Sunday night and hardly exercised. It seems I have developed a patter of lose, gain, lose, gain. Yes, it would be nice to lose each week but the fact is, I’m not working hard enough to lose.

My friend Meg is doing South Beach and as she was talking to me about it last night, I dreamed up my own South Beach menu. It’s so hard leaving a diet behind to follow intuitive eating. She mentioned that she wasn’t ready to lose the plan. The difference between Meg and I is that she can actually stick to diets. She’s been doing SB for 3 weeks and has lost 11 pounds. Obviously that is very tempting but I would use that as an excuse to binge.

Erin and I are going for a running this morning so hopefully I’ll get back in the exercise swing.


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  1. It’s so funny that while you’re tempted to try my way of things, in MY head I’m telling myself to try YOURS… the one thing we both share is the nagging voice out there telling us that there’s some other, better, magical key to our body-image dreams. It may appear that I can stick to a diet… and I do… but it’s for a finite amount of time, and then I’m off and up again. I gain, lose, gain, lose, too…just on a slightly more stretched out time frame. Look what happened last time! (Down 15, up 20! Now I’m down again, but will that last through the holidays? The defeated voice in my head guesses probably not, no matter how badly I yearn for it to be wrong).

    I admire your experiment with “eating without a plan” and long for the days when my mind is ready for it. I hope it’s soon, because the yo-yo is definitely getting tired.

    Thanks for insights! Keep on truckin’!

    Comment by Magoo22 | November 21, 2009 | Reply

    • Thanks meggie I think you’re gorg, regardless.

      Comment by lpskins | November 21, 2009 | Reply

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