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Pumpkin pancakes..


….with Pom seeds, of course. I burned both pancakes since I can’t cook for shit. A little extra agave helped covered up the burn and the pom seeds really added a nice touch. These are some seriously heavy pancakes and my stomach is bloat city. Len and I are watching Bruno right now and I’m not impressed. Yes some parts are funny but I’m totally bored and antsy.

I still need to decide on a Thanksgiving dish. I’m thinking about quinoa salad with cranberries (or pom seeds), cheese, and veggies of some sort. I’ve looked at countless recipes but all of them have too many ingredients. My attention span for anything (esp. cooking) is short. Okay well I’m going to pack it in for the night. Hope everyone is well rested after the weekend. Seriously though, how amazing do those pancakes look? The mix is from Trader Joes.



November 22, 2009 - Posted by | Food

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