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Helpful reminders for the holiday

I caught up on the November issue of Self magazine at the gym yesterday and I’m so glad I did. There’s a great article, “Relax and Dig In” that really hit home. It spoke of the many mindsets I have going into the holiday season:” I’m doomed to gain weight, I overeat at parties, I’ll eat leftovers for days, I can’t say no to Aunt Trudy, and I’ve got to indulge now.”

I am VERY familiar with all these beliefs. “I’m doomed to gain weight”— Unfortunately I do gain weight every holiday season but this year can be different. Self-magazine reports that this thought sets us up for failure. “If you convince yourself you are going to pack on the pounds, you’ll give up and binge or stress eat.” So true. Why fight it if it’s bound to happen anyway, right? Wrong. We are advised to make a simple rule to follow- such as adding time to our exercise routine or picking one treat. For me, picking one treat may not be feasible since I’m a dessert junkie. I can however, make it a point to sneak in a workout before the indulging begins. This will help set the stage for a relatively healthy day.

“I’ll eat leftovers for days.” I am legitimately freaked out by this idea. Self-magazine says, keep enough food to make one healthy meals and give away the rest. Since I will be a guest, I cannot exactly give away the food but I can opt for the healthier leftovers. I have a feeling that my healthy dishes will be the last to go, which means I’ll have guilt free leftovers to rely on.

“I can’t say no to Aunt Trudy.” Let’s face it; we all have food pushers in the family. Hell, maybe you’re the one’s pushing the pies and stuffing. Judith Beck, of Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy says to stick to your guns and soon enough the pusher will move on. Personally, I push enough food on myself to worry about others doing it. I have no qualms saying no.

“I’ve got to indulge now.” Well isn’t this the story of my life. How many people make a resolution to eat healthy starting January first? Have you seen the lines at Weight Watchers in January? I do this Every. Single. Year. Choosing intuitive eating has eliminated the belief that a diet starts tomorrow. “Aim for balance now and look forward to 2010 as a fresh start and the beginning of a peaceful time when you can map out healthful meals.” Setting a diet date in the future allows for binging in the now. This mindset has failed me time and time again.

At the end of the day, WE make our own choices and are accountable for ourselves. I am making the choice to not feel bloated and ashamed tomorrow. I want to be healthy today.


November 25, 2009 - Posted by | eating disorder, Food, Self Discovery

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