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Testing out the new kitchenware

I couldn’t wait to give my new casserole dish a test run so I made baked eggplant again. There were a few adjustments to the dish–instead of using spaghetti sauce I used plain canned tomato sauce and instead of gorgonzola I used part skim mozzarella (Thanks for the tips Ash.) I added in some spinach for extra nutrients. It came out looking amazing.


All the ingredients.


I forgot to mention the whole wheat bread crumbs. They're a necessity.











For lunch, I tried to hold out for the eggplant but got hungry and couldn’t swing it. Instead, I spread an arnolds sandwich thin with hummus and goat cheese then topped it with apple slices and spinach. This my friends, was a taste bud explosion; full of sweet and savory flavors.

Such a simply, wholesome lunch.










Len and I both have colds so we slurped down some Airborne. It looks green for some reason but it’s really orange and doesn’t taste like algae.






November 29, 2009 - Posted by | Food

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