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Gravel pit mixed with greens

I topped last night’s tofu on a salad of greens, tomatoes, and broccoli. We’ll see if they sogged up a bit with the dressing. Why isn’t sogged a word? Soggy is. Anyway, I was inspired to buy some grapefruits by my friend and classmate, Mikaela. She always lugs around a bag of fruit to class and cuts things in the weirdest way. She cuts the grapefruit in fours and digs in. I go for the standard peeling approach but this can get messy. Not sure how I’ll tackle this bad boy today. I don’t have any sweetener so it’s balls out; bring on the bitterness! Holy CRAP, I forgot that I have pom arils in the fridge. She also inspired my to buy pomegranates cause she was crunching on them one day and the crunch was so appealing! How could I forget about such luscious little gems?


December 7, 2009 - Posted by | Food, Uncategorized

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