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Santa Clause is coming TO TOWN. Lalalala

Lunch is leftovers but since I skipped breakfast I packed lots of “extras” such as carrots and hummus and a grapefruit. I also have a veggie burger that isn’t pictured and a bag of craisons to add in the mix if need be. I didn’t know this till yesterday but today is a half day at work-meaning I should be out by three! Awesome. I have a few last-minute stocking stuffers to buy but that’s it. In my mind I had planned to make Len’s sister a scarf but don’t know how to start the knitting process. Aimee started my scarf last night so I have one day to knit my ass off. You think I can do it? I’ve done it before but it certainly wasn’t a beauty.

I’ve mentioned this before, but every year Len and I get one another an ornament. (I forgot this year so I hope he did too, oops!) My favorite ornament to date was the one I got him last year. I am so very proud of it in a sick and twisted way. So his family used to have a cat named Bud-it was old and hideous. (I know, I told you I’m evil.) The cat was literally like 102 but it passed last year. Well I found a cat ornament that looked just like Bud, bought it and wrote R.I.P BUD.  It serves as a joke and a memorial.


December 24, 2009 - Posted by | Christmas, Family, Food, The Boyfriend

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