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Have you heard of the new swine flu party fad? What’s that all about?  Crazy. Anyway, Len and I finally arrived home-it was a slow, slow drive due to the snow. Luckily he doesn’t mind driving in it otherwise we’d be trapped at his mom’s house. Oy. I am too anxious to handle the snow. We left the house without eating breakfast and around 12 I noticed a bag of dark chocolate covered almonds and cranberries in the back seat. They were a gift that I somehow forgot about. So not like me. I snacked on a handful of those to hold me over till lunch. Then I threw the bag out in fear of eating the whole thing. I was praying that Len wouldn’t ask for more.

So. Damn. Good.

About an hour later we stopped at Subway where I got that tuna salad I wanted earlier. I’ve mentioned this before but I hardly ever eat fish because I think they are such a gross looking animal and I cannot help but think of the fish as a whole when I’m eating it. About half way through the salad, I felt like I was licking the walls of an aquarium because it tasted like salt water. Ew. I did eat most of the veggies though.

I was desperate to return my Patagonia jacket so after we got home and unpacked, we headed back out. I was torn between getting the original in a smaller  (mens) size or getting the womens brown jacket with no pocket. I kept trying one on after the other and ended up walking out with the original. Unfortunately I feel like a big fat marshmallow in it so I’m going back tomorrow for the brown one. Those jackets are not cheap so I want to absolutely love it.  After Patagonia, I went to Trader Joes where I spent 100 bucks on nothing. If I was anorexic I would be rich. I swear, all my money goes to food. I found awesome 45 calorie low carb whole wheat tortillas. I had two of those for dinner with refried beans, avocado, black olives and spinach. I also had three gummy bears and two of Lens Portobello mushroom raviolis (also from TJ’s.-so good.) I bought spinach, bananas and almond milk for tomorrows green monster. Boo yeah.

I am contemplating joining Weight Watchers tomorrow. I want to bribe myself somehow. Like, if I follow the program for two weeks, I can go buy myself new sneakers. Maybe after a month I can get a massage. Not sure where all this money would come from but we can deal with that later. All I know is that there’s a carrot cake whoopee pie in my cabinet and it just called my name.  Not sure how long I can fight it’s cat calls. We’ll see.

I swear there are tortillas under the bushes.


December 28, 2009 - Posted by | Christmas, Food


  1. Yummmmmy whoopie pies!!!!

    Comment by Lisa paige | December 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. I joined Weight Watchers at the end of the summer. I didn’t want to lose a huge amount of weight, only ten pounds or so, but I lost interest in it very quickly. I just CANNOT follow a program that involves counting of any kind, whether it’s calories or points or whatever.

    That being said, I know a lot of people (my sister included) who have had great succes with WW. I think it totally just depends on your personality.

    I know what you mean– sometimes it feels like ALL my money goes towards food. I guess there are worse things you could spend your money on?

    Have a great night, lady!

    Comment by Anna | December 28, 2009 | Reply

  3. “If I was anorexic I would be rich. I swear, all my money goes to food.”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself! I’d rather go on a shopping spree at TJ’s or Whole Foods than go out on a Friday night. So sad isn’t it?!?

    Comment by Olivia | December 29, 2009 | Reply

  4. Yeah, carrot cake whoopie pie would be hard to resist. Hubby asked me to buy icecream (which I normally don’t stock in the house) and I have been the icecream monster ever since. I mean who can say no to the mini java chip starbucks icecream with the cute little spoon???

    Oh, and yes, Guns whines like a sighing baby when he doesn’t get his way. At least he throws the ball for himself when he’s bored. Haha I gotta make a video of that.

    Have a great day!

    Comment by lindsayruns | December 29, 2009 | Reply

  5. I know that everyone that is binger or overeater wishes that they were anorexic, so that they didnt overeat… but I really hated being Anorexic and I struggle with it on a daily basis, but I have finally come to a place where I eat normally, but that has taken half of my life to get to this place and I am only 20!!
    So, if I were you… I wouldnt start wishing to be Anorexic, it isnt worth it!!
    P.S. when I was anorexic, I spent more money on food because I would buy a ton of my diet foods and they were not cheap!! I would stock up on the food because I was worried that I would run out!! 😦

    Comment by learningtocookeatandenjoydeliciousfood | February 7, 2010 | Reply

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