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2010 here we come!

It’s almost New Years and I am TIRED. Seriously, I’m 95. I cannot keep my eyes open and it’s not even 12 right now. We haven’t even gotten to the dessert.  Here’s how the night has been so far.

Salad with pears, walnuts, blue cheese, and orange juice/olive oil dressing.

Len and Ellie dancing.

My squash dinner

Len and Ellie hugging.

tomatoes stuffed with something delish.


cornish hen and pork chops (not for me)

My plate of squash, rice, zucchini, and stuffed tomato.

Here's are the sides and entrees

And me after too many glasses of vino

Now we're chilling by a snowy bonfire.


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Overnight oatbran virgin

Unfortunately I didn’t get to the gym this morning and I used the old excuse, “I’ll start fresh on 2010.” The good news is that I finally got around to making overnight oat(bran). Not like it’s difficult to make but it’s more about remembering to do it. Two nights ago I stuffed 1/3 cup oat bran, 1 cup almond milk, cinnamon, and a banana in an almost empty peanut butter jar. As mentioned before, I didn’t eat them yesterday so they’ve been sitting in the fridge for three days now. I’m a little nervous to try it but I’m excited at the same time. I always wondered how it was possible that the PB jar looked so filled but it’s possible. Add the cut bananas and it fills right up.

I am feeling a little anxious about all the food we are planning to eat tonight so I packed a pretty healthy lunch:spaghetti squash, arugula, baked tofu and 1 tbsp olive oil.  If I were doing weight watchers I’d be at 12 points, including my coffee from this morning. My dinner will definitely be 10,000 points but the website says it all organic so I got that going for me. Len’s picking me up at five and we’re headed north about an hour. Should be a total shit show due to the weather and the traffic. I am packing along my computer to post tonight but I cannot promise. It’s always a little bit awkward busting out the computer and the camera wires at someone elses house. Happy New Year everyone.

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Okay, these are all of them…

Career- Graduate with MSW, Take first Licensing exam, Get a job

Financial- Stop spending mindlessly, Lessen/discontinue credit card, Start saving for when I have to pay student loans

Mental Wellness- Start counseling, Be nicer to myself, Practice patience, Read more. Focus on mental/physical health rather than weight loss.

Exercise- Run half marathon in April, Run half in the Fall, Focus more on strength training, Give yoga a fair shot

Eating– Give up diets, Learn to eat intuitively, Decrease Binges, Take power away from food

Relationships- Communicate openly and less defensive, date nights, more sex (sorry mom), Be more social with Len and friends.

Family and Friends– Make time to see all the important people in my life; foster those relationships.

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