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Under the weather

Where's all this snow they keep talking about?

Sorry I left you all high and dry yesterday, I wasn’t feeling too hot. In fact, I called out sick today because I can’t seem to shake it. Thank you all for the support around finding a therapist. You guys are like cheerleaders, everyday, and it is truly amazing. To anyone who doesn’t have a blog, you should start one and reap the rewards.

Last nights eats were pretty boring so I didn’t bother taking pictures. For dinner I ate more roasted veggies and soy nuggets. For snacks I ate hummus with broccoli and carrots &  spicy blue corn chips. I shouldn’t say boring since everything was delish but nothing new or noteworthy.

Let’s talk organics for a second. I am just loving my Boston Organics package and am doing a great job of eating things up…. except the Kale. Sadly, it’s wilting in the fridge. For some reason I cannot get myself to do anything with it. More importantly,  it kills me that so many of our organic products are being bought out by larger companies. I try like hell not to buy Tyson or Purdue products but often wonder if I’m purchasing them without really knowing it. A few days ago I bought organic milk for the boyfriend and got annoyed at the idea that some big ass company might be profiting. What gives?

Have you guys seen precious yet? I can’t believe that movies slipped right by me without being viewed. Shameful. I’ve heard it’s extremely intense and I fully accept that I’ll tear through a box of tissues. Then again, I cry at every movie. Literally.

P.S. I’ll be having an exciting giveaway in the next couple of weeks…just waiting on a delivery. Oh the anticipation.


February 10, 2010 - Posted by | Food


  1. oohhh… sorry to hear you’re feeling under the weather!

    And I really want to see Precious- but I’ve seen so many sad movies recently in the theater (still getting over Brothers and Revolutionary Road), that I promised myself to make the next one a little more light-hearted! 🙂

    Comment by Amy | February 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. I am sorry you are sick…feel better!! Eat some good soup and a grilled cheese…that always cheers me up! 🙂

    Comment by Kelly | February 10, 2010 | Reply

  3. You can cut the kale up into chips, massage with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and bake them in the oven to make chips!

    Comment by MelissaNibbles | February 10, 2010 | Reply

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon – no fun!! I second the kale chip idea – plus it’s an excuse to eat ketchup 😉

    Comment by Kristie | February 10, 2010 | Reply

  5. Sorry you are sick! Man, that picture makes me want to run to the Internet and exchange my paycheck direct deposit info for another bulldog puppy…good thing we have a pet limit here!

    Comment by LindsayRuns | February 10, 2010 | Reply

  6. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling good 😦 There’s definitely something going around…
    You should definitely see Precious, it was an awesome movie!

    Comment by ginamastrog | February 10, 2010 | Reply

  7. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well 😦 Use the day to get some rest! I haven’t seen Precious, either. I’m a movie cryer too!

    Comment by Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine | February 10, 2010 | Reply

  8. Make kale chips! Delicious, seriously! (and great to dip in ketchup)

    Feel better!

    Comment by Anna | February 10, 2010 | Reply

  9. I hate the big companies too. They’re jerks and it bothers me that they can own the smaller products that you THINK would be safe from the bigger corporations.

    Maybe you can try steaming the kale with lemon juice? Or something? Haha.. I usually don’t buy kale because the same thing that’s happening to yours, usually happens to mine. It wilts because I can’t get myself to use it.

    I hope you feel better soon! Get lots of vitamin C and kill that cold. 🙂

    Comment by daintyvegan | February 10, 2010 | Reply

  10. Kale is also great in soup…especially with garlic, onion, tomatoes, and white beans

    Comment by Ali | February 10, 2010 | Reply

    • also…you can use it in the juicer. it’s good with carrot and apple….i also like me a little beet in there….

      Comment by Ali | February 11, 2010 | Reply

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