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Tuesdays are awesome!

Afternoon ladies! I was STARVING by the time I got back from babysitting and for some reason wanted eggs. Totally weird for me. I made an egg and avocado omelette with ketchup (obv) and piled it into two low carb high fiber wraps. While babysitting I enjoyed another fiberful. So good. Hello poop, can’t wait till you come out to play.

Breakfast was yet another spread. Can’t quit the damn things. Sorry to be so…. predictable. So this morning I was deleting all my old food pics that accumulated and I stumbled upon quite the mysterious picture of one of my many random meals. I’m embarrassed to say that I couldn’t quite identify it but I think it involved a sweet potato. Are my foods that strange? Hmmmm.

I also ate half a banana with peanut butter. Yum Yum.

I haven’t worked out yet, or done any homework for that matter so hopefully I will accomplish both tonight. My life stops at 8 for American Idol no matter what. Can’t wait till my boyfriend comes home!

Do you have any Tuesday night rituals?

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Well I don’t have any food to show you yet  but I do have some therapy talk. Todays session revolved mostly around my relationship with different family members and with my bf. We talked about how my relationship with food has a direct impact on these emotional and intimate relationships (esp. with bf) and how I’m looking to change along with way. I talked a lot about how my bf is a free spirit and how I long to be that way too. I always have to plan, plan, plan. He can get invited anywhere, anytime and he’s always willing to participate. I am someone who always has to think through who’s going to be there, what am I going to eat, do I have to dress up and look cute. Unfortunately I say NO much more than I say yes. I hate this about myself. Mimi asked if I have anything in my closet that I feel good in and the answer is not really. She suggested I pick up two articles of clothing that make me feel pretty. The truth is, it all comes down to what I ate that day. If I’ve binged, my jeans will fit totally different (mentally) than they would had I eaten healthy for a day. It is all psychological. I cannot gain 10 pounds in one day. I know this logically. But one day makes such a difference in how I feel about myself. Imagine 14 years of this.

I know that as this process continues, I will transform and as a result my relationships will become richer. This gives me strength.

We’re going to continue with the 3 day/3 category plan.

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