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winner alert

Good evening friends!  Thanks for all the supportive comments today. You guys are amazing, not that you didn’t know that already. I’m hoping to use all of your inspirational comments to drag me out of bed in the morning. I will go to the gym damn it. I do know that there’s something bigger going on that causes me to binge, though I’ve yet to figure that out. I mean food tastes good and all but clearly there’s more to it. A couple people  asked what goji berries are like and honestly, they didn’t rock my socks. They’re pretty mild. I’m not informed about the health benefits so I can’t judge whether they are worth buying. Sorry Linds!

Onto the giveaway…  I asked the Lennster to pick a number between 1 and 28 and he chose SEVENTEEN! That means that you won LIV! I wish I knew what Kopali is going to send you but I don’t. It’s a mystery….. and it better be good. Congrats lovely.

Len and I are catching up on Idol now since there’s two more hours tonight. Jeez Louise!! Also, my 7-9 class got cancelled for tomorrow night. Life is SO good. Hmmmm, what to do for dinner……

How are you guys??? Gotta catch up on you right now. …. (creep alert!)

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Missing motivation.

I didn’t wake up for spin this morning which means that this is the third day in a row I didn’t work out. I am absolutely feeling it in my mood so I had to wear a dress to compensate. Yesterday was eat, eat, eat. By the time Idol came on I was exhausted from too much eating and decided to wait to watch it tonight with the bf. I was knocked out by 9:30, so there should have been no excuses not to get up this morning. Yesterday was my day off and I still didn’t go to the gym. Where is my will power? Who stole it? Did I eat it away???

Anyone in Boston want to be my running partner? I know I don’t sound very motivated but I promise I am when someone else is counting on me!! (Do  you hear the desperation in my voice?)

Here are some eats.

This times two

Mac&cheese in binge proportion. Yes that's ketchup. Don't laugh till you try it sucka.

Today I packed a bag full of items you’ve been seeing a lot–veggies and hummus, crackers and cheese, orange, grapefruit, fiberful and soy crisps. I’m hoping to save the crisps for three snack later in the day.

The usual suspects.

I munched on another Kopali snack tonight–carob chips, mulberries, pistachios, and goji berries. I had never seen a mulberry in my life and was quite surprised at the taste and texture. Really, really good. Don’t forget to enter the Kopali giveaway. Boyfriend will pick a random winner tonight.

Such a different combo

Can you find the mulberry?

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