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Barren Fridge

Hey peeps (and not the Marshmallow kind). Sorry I’ve been MIA but honestly, I’ve got nothin’ for you. Really, I’m a big bore and have no exciting news.

Yesterdays dinner was borderline binge– lots of crackers and cheese, and soup with (you guessed it) more crackers. Earlier in the afternoon I had a HUGE peanut butter and jelly. By huge I mean that the bread slices were like couch cushions. I was bored and I ate. End of story. Interesting, right?

Len and I FINALLY hit up booty this morning. I felt really cranky on the way there but things got better quickly. It feels really good to be active again. Amen, sistas!

You guys would be bummed out at the inside of my fridge. Such a sad sight. I managed to put together some good eats today nonetheless. Breakfast= yogurt and cereal. Lunch= pb&j and veggies. Snack= grapes/strawberries and carrots with hummus. I’ve been OBSESSED with a new recipe my friend Michelle taught me–adding curry to hummus. I add tons and it’s awesome. I suppose you can make homemade curry hummus but I just add it to store-bought. Michelle also adds grapes but I didn’t do that this week.  Dinner= roasted potatoes and cheese slices. Not balanced but I’m desperate.

Now this is yummy!

I have a dinner date at Bella Luna tomorrow night with my friend Mikaela. I can’t wait!

Are you doing anything fun to celebrate Easter or Passover? Len and I are headed to Connecticut to spend time with my family. I’m really worried because my mother always has TONS and tons of candy, chocolate and sweets around the house. Not sure how I’m going to manage. Tips?

P.S. Is it wrong that I got really pissed off today when a very overweight 8 year old girl said, “I can’t wait to go home today so I can go to Burger King, even though I’m not supposed to eat there. We didn’t go yesterday so my mom promised we can go today.” Poor kid is going to have a tough life.

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Week of Review in Therapy

In therapy last week, we made two goals to focus on:

1. keeping a  food diary

2. Resist the sweets I usually cave into and play close attention to how I feel after saying NO.

I’m happy to say that I have not had any sweets since LAST Monday; seven days without cookies, candy, cakes, etc. I noticed that I’ve been compensating with cheese and bread. Saturday night I ate WAY too much cheese. I did this well after I was full, because it was there and I wanted sweets. Sunday night was the only time I was literally pissed that I couldn’t eat sweets. I wanted to bust into those damn mini eggs so bad and it annoyed me that I couldn’t. I reminded myself that I feel 7 thousand times better since last Monday and that I know exactly how the mini eggs taste. I’ve had them many times. That reasoning seemed to work for a little  but I did scope out something else to hold my attention: a hummus, cheese and ketchup sandwich.

This was after dinner. Again, after I was full and didn’t need anything more to eat. I was filling an emotional void.

This is a journey.

Although I’m feeling good about my accomplishment, I know that if I picked up a single piece of chocolate it would be binge city. Mimi says that eventually we will work on feeling safe eating everything in moderation, but for now I should keep doing what I’m doing.

Len and I skipped boot camp yesterday and today. I feel so guilty about it but not guilty enough to get out there in the rain. I hit the gym up today for a few miles so I feel better.  Eats so far today include:

breakfast:toast with pb

egg, veggie and cheese omelette with strawberries and bread

I have all day off so I hope to actually get things accomplished. Boredom= eating.

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Pit stop before Boston Bound.

Girls weekend is over and now I’m sitting at a Starbucks in Granby, Ct waiting to visit a family I used to babysit for. The kids are at a birthday party till 12 so I hope to get some work done while I wait. It’s funny how as you get older, sleepovers end earlier and people are up and out. We hit up a local breakfast shop and got serious veggie and egg white omelette. It bothers me how diners have fake wheat bread, so I figured if I’m going to be eating white bread disguised as wheat, I might as get the real thing and order raisin bread. Twas good. I am SO stuffed right now.

We decided to stay in last night and enjoy one another’s company in the comfort of Michelle’s home. Dinner was SO good. Check out this monster spread. There was also wine involved.

Marys crackers, pita, grapes, cheese, veggies, hummus mixed with curry and grapes, chick pea salad, fat free french onion dip. HEAVEN

x2 and seven pounds of cheese

I honestly had 8 pounds of cheese. Michelle busted out a brick of blueberry cheese (!!!) and I ate it all basically. My stomach is not happy with me.  There were no sweets involved this weekend so I’m happy  about that.

As much as I love going away and spending time with the ladies, I miss my little family and can’t wait to get back to them. Dakota slept with me last night so she was my transitional object.

Time to work!

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good times

Hi! Posting from Connecticut. We spent the day shopping (didn’t buy a thing) and drinking!  I stuck to Bloody Mary’s because they are Oh So Delicious. The bartender caught onto my olive addiction and ended up stuffing my olives with gorgonzola. He also told me I look like Sandra Bullock! Score. Not sure who had the beer goggles on but still… I’ll take it.



Love these olives!

We took a drunken trip to Target and I bought a pair of the cutest flats! I guess I did buy something! Oops. Then we hit up a local grocery store for yet another spread. There are five of us so we each contributed our own touches. Can’t wait.

I’m so happy to be with my girls and am loving life. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. I’m talking, tears down my cheeks.  How cute is Dakota. She’s five but looks like a boxer puppy. So damn cute. We’ve been making out all day.


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Pat on back

I thought for sure I’d see a weight loss this week but I stayed the same. There are several reasons I’m totally fine with this.

1. I got my period yesterday

2. I haven’t binged since Monday

3. I haven’t had a sweet treat since Monday

4. I started booty.

Overall, I’ve done a great job this week listening to my body’s needs and eating for fuel. I’ve never had two bags of chocolate (and mini eggs at that) sitting around my house without a binge happening. A true test. I can already feel a difference in my self-esteem, with or without weight loss.

I’m definitely a little worried about the next two days though. I have no clue what we’ll be doing, where we’ll be eating or what sweets will be lurking around the corner. Hopefully I’ll stay strong and make decisions that I’ll be happy about. It’s a fine line right now. If I cave and at shitty one day, it would definitely leak into the days to come.

Anyway, last night we made a wonderful spread of pepper jack cheese, light cheddar, Ritz crackers (for len), whole wheat crackers (for me), rustic bread,  two types of hummus, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cucumber, grapes, red wine (for me) and white wine (for Len).  Len hadn’t seen The Blind Side yet so we rented it. Such a great flick. If you haven’t yet seen it, I really encourage it. It will touch your heart, melt it, then make it happy.

God only knows...

I only had two glasses of wine but apparently Len took it to a different level. I had a feeling I’d be running alone when I noticed his empty bottle. Cheers!

What’s your favorite brand of cheap wine? Mine is Lindemans. It’s SOOOO good, though I can only speak for the Cab Sav and Merlot.

I’m off for the day and won’t be able to read about anyone’s lives till tomorrow night. I hope you have a fabulous weekend filled with fun and relaxation.

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Sweet Temptation

Last week I commented on Anna‘s blog about how I was jealous that she got a free food scale from Fit Blogging. She emailed me later that night asking me if I wanted it because she already has one. Yes, please! My short-term memory is horrible so I was totally surprised to receive a package today. I opened the box, only to find mini eggs (my ultimate weakness. well, one of them), whopper eggs (brings me back to childhood), Cadbury egg, a vegan cookie, organic DOG treats for the rat, a food scale, and a sweet note from Anna. Anna, this was above and beyond, really. Thank you so much for thinking of me and going out of your way to make my day special.

My lunch kept me satisfied till 4:30 (!!!) at which point I ate a yogurt and some chex mix. Len and I are planning to hang in tonight with some wine to celebrate some successes Len has had at work.  We’ll be snacking from a spread of some kind–god bless a good spread.

Tomorrow after we run (hopefully there’s no wine headache to battle with) I’m taking off for another fun girls weekend. A bunch of my college friends are meeting in CT for a fun night of shenanigans.We were told to bring a wig so it should be interesting.

Off to the grocery store for some goodies.

Thank You Anna!

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Brunch and bogus diet soda

Hey friends and family! It was so wonderful going to bed last night knowing we didn’t have to wake up for booty. I slept like a baby and I’m pretty sure Len has been sleeping better already too. Since starting boot camp, I’ve definitely been waking up hungry and ready to eat. I put off breakfast for a couple of hours this morning while I did some laundry and some other business. Our fridge is  a sad sight so I pulled together what I could for brunch. Since I’ll be at school from 11:30 to 4:30, I made a bigger and more satisfying meal to hold me over. I’m not even sure that we have anything for snacks either but I’ll figure something out.

French Meadow Hemp bagel with two scrambled eggs.

I was very excited to see what this hemp bagel was all about. Let me tell ya, it looks, smells and tastes healthy. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I will eat this bagel without guilt because it has great stats and is made from good ingredients but the taste is sort of compromised. I added peanut butter to one side and butter to the other.

I realize that you can’t actually read that but trust me–jam-packed with fiber, protein, etc.

Don’t expect to see a single veggie today since we have none in the house. Damn.


Hummus, lettuce and carrot sandwich with an orange for lunch

Classes at night so I packed left over couscous salad, almonds and a diet crush

I was totally disappointed to see that diet Crush is not diet at all. The second ingredient was high fructose corn syrup??!!!! I was shocked and appalled. Give it to me in a brownie or a whoopee pie but not in a diet soda.  It also had about 40 calories. You all know that I’m not a big soda drinker. Most of the time its water and coffee so when I have soda I really enjoy it. I’ve mentioned before that I cannot stand drinking calories (rather eat em) so I had a few sips and tossed it. How rude Crush. Won’t be buying that again. What I would buy is Diet Strawberry. Yum…. does that exist?

By the time I got home from class, I was hungry again so I had two bowls of veggies.

Cabbage and vinegar=farts

Ketchup with a side of potatoes


On the side of the bowl is some hummus, i case you’re concerned

Off to class. After this week I only have 4 weeks left of classes and one week of finals! Thank you lord. So over it!

What are you all up to this weekend?

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Good recipe up in here

Since I’ve been cutting back on desserts/sugary snacks this week, I’ve been trying to integrate sweet into my meals. Last night I made a couscous salad and it turned out really well.

I cup dry whole wheat couscous

1 package mushrooms

1 apple-diced

1/4 cup dried cranberries

1 tbsp olive oil

1-2 cups balsamic vinegar.

Sautee sliced mushrooms and diced apple in olive oil while water is boiling for couscous.

When water is at a boil, dump in cup couscous which will automatically soak up all the water

dump mushroom, apple and cranberries into the pot and let sit a lowest heat.

Pour vinegar into separate pot and let boil until it reduces down dramatically. Sauce should be thick and smell really sweet.  It takes a lot of vinegar to make a little bit of reduction. When sauce is done, dump into pot of couscous,etc and stir. Done and Done.

Simple and SO SO tasty. It serves 3 -4 good size portions.

I paired the couscous salad with a veggie burger and it was a great dinner. Next time I’ll probably add another veggie to the mix such as spinach or broccoli.

Yesterdays breakfast was simple but I sort of felt like a perv eating it. Peanut butter spread on a low carb wrap wrapped around a banana. I like to call it, Penis in a Blanket.

Don't pretend that you wouldn't have thought that too.

Today was our last day of booty for the week! Having Len on board makes it a million times easier to get up in the morning and get out the door. It’s such a welcomed change. Today we did a lot of sprints and upper body. I literally have ZERO arm muscle so the exercises are SO hard. We used bands the whole time and worked our shoulders, back, and triceps (I think). I felt the burn, for sure.

Upon arriving home I immediately wanted eggs and ketchup. Not sure which one sounded better! This whole egg kick that I’m on is SO not like me. I’m telling you, eggs are such creepy little things but for some reason I’m loving them this week. I hope this obsession sticks around because I definitely need more protein in my life. A light english muffin with butter was also enjoyed. Butter is not something I struggle with and 99.9 percent of the time don’t use. This morning was just plain strange.

You should know that I passed on ice cream the last two nights and didn’t go near the bins of hell yesterday at my internship. I feel better already.

P.S. Do you guys have one boob bigger than the other? My left one is definitely bigger.

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My talented friend.

I want to send a HUGE thank you to one of my greatest friends, Ali. I’ve mentioned her in the past as my hiking partner in crime. On the trail I call her Morning Ninja. Long story. Ali is an amazing photographer and recently opened an Etsy shop. Someone requested that her photos be printed up as blank greeting cards. I jumped right on that bandwagon and ordered a pack for my sister. Lisa  LOVES cupcakes and Ali sells and awesome cupcake picture. I requested a variety pack using the pictures taken of baked goods. Not only did Ali refuse to take my payment, she sent me an additional  pack with two of her beautiful tree pictures. I love them SO much that I cannot possibly be asked to part with them. Sorry Lis, but your loss in my gain. Check em’ out. These cards are so special and I plan to use them sparingly. Thanks Ali!

How cute is the packaging?

I wonder who will get the first one….

cookies and cupcakes galore! I want to eat the card.

Such beautiful scenery shots

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Hi! Len and I went to booty this morning despite the rain and it wasn’t that bad–actually it wasn’t even raining towards the end. I feel that being in crap conditions bonds the group. I was bummed to have missed out on the bonding that probably took place yesterday. We worked the lower body today and we’ll probably be hobbling all weekend. I need new sneaks bad. I should post a picture and show you the disgrace that is my sneaks. My feet are literally busting out the sides.

Remember when I said I was sick of Pad Thai? Well, I lied because I ate  leftovers for dinner last night. It wasn’t in the plan but I was sooo hungry by the time dinner came around so I ate that. We also made sweet potato fries but I only had a couple. Though they’ll be mushy, I’ll probably eat them tonight instead. I have the hardest time throwing food away.  About an hour before dinner I ate boiled cabbage with rice vinegar. So good. Someone asked me if I eat the whole cabbage in one sitting. Ha ha, I don’t think so. I’d probably blow Lenny right off the couch. I think my next bowl will be with mustard. Mmmmmmm.

SInce I didn’t eat my potatoes, they were turned into a flavorful salad for today’s lunch: sweet potato, feta and dried raisins. Damn that sounds good. I also packed tons of veggies to be dipped in hummus. For some reason I always need some sort of condiment for veggies.

Not sure what I’ll be having for breakfast just yet…… something with peanut butter I imagine. Have a great day!

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