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Cookie Monster Strikes Again.

Seriously, how do I not weigh 712 pounds and need a crane to lift me up? I’m sure you can tell by the title that I ate so many cookies today. Cookies of all kinds. I think my vision is getting blurry from diabetes. I’m not kidding. That’s a side effect, right. Mimi better come up with a plan of action. I definitely didn’t follow the plan this week. Wait till you see my dinner.

Exhibit A- Sweet polenta with maple syrup and coconut flakes.

Exhibit B- Savory polenta with parm cheese and ketchup.

Really, Lindsay. Really?

It did NOT feel like a Monday today which was a total plus. Work flew by and I got complimented by the Assistant Director at my internship. Double plus. At first I thought I was getting in trouble for something when she said, “Lindsay, can I talk to you?” I felt like I was 14 again getting called to the principles office. I had flash backs of sitting in In School Suspension. Oh yes I did. Luckily I’m 29 now and things are different. I love the work I’m doing as it is SO fascinating. I love learning and seeing mental illness manifest first hand. Psychosis is incredible.

So I’m brainstorming new ways to vamp up my workouts. Typically I only do cardio. No strength training, no abs, nada, zip, zilch, zero. I need a new plan that excites me. I’m contemplating doing boot camp again but the truth is, it’s a one month fix and I don’t even love it that much. And it’s SO expensive. Any ideas??? I do belong to a gym with awesome classes but I cannot motivate. And yes, I am running a half marathon on April 24th. No, we really haven’t been training. Sigh.

I would love to be toned, rather than 80% body fat. How do all you motivated people do it?

A while back, Annelies from Attune Bar sent me three bars to review. I’ve been holding onto them because for some reason I though I should wait until I actually ate healthy before trying them. She advised me that it’s okay to eat them on days I eat junk because the probiotics help with digestion. Each bar has 5 times the live active cultures in yogurt. They also contain 30% of calcium needs which is something I know I don’t get enough of. Tonight I tried the Dark Chocolate. These may be the answer to my healthy chocolate prayers. Each bar is made with 68% cocoa, has 80 calories and three grams of fiber. I was expecting an after taste or something but it tasted just like regular wonderful dark chocolate. Yum!! As if free healthy chocolate bars weren’t enough, Annelies could not be any nicer. Thank for the goodies!!

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Boring post

It’s raining here in Boston so it smells like worms outside. Isn’t that such a bizarre thing? Please tell me you know what I’m talking about.

Moving on. I made something last night that could prove to be the end of me– Evan’s Coconut Oil Chocolate. I followed his directions then added some unsweetened coconut flakes. Instead of coconut oil I used coconut butter.  Oh my, it tasted like fudge. Len thought it was too rich but not me, oh not me. I took a picture of all the ingredients and barely shot the chocolate. I think I was too excited to eat it. Who do I think I am making my own chocolate????? That means is accessible at all times. Oy vey.

Len and I never ran yesterday, nor did we work out at all. I might drag myself to a power yoga class at my gym tonight. I love the teacher but the class doesn’t start till 7:50 which is pretty late for me. We shall see.

I packed some wonderful food for today in hopes that it keeps me away from the bins of hell. Breakfast will be Pineapple Chobani, the only flavor I love. I want to add something to it but don’t know what. Maybe some raw oats?  Lunch is yesterdays lunch from Zaftigs. I threw is some chopped up broccoli to bulk it up a little. In my bag of goods is also a Mojo bar and some gum for my 3 o’clock snack attack.

Sorry, nothing too exciting going on this morning. Off to face the day!!

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