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Take it to the locker room, please.

Yesterday was an insane day! I wish I could get into details but it’s just not an option due to confidentiality at work. Phew. It is NEVER a dull day there, which I actually really like. Working with children takes a toll on your heart and is a very humbling experience. I want to adopt everybody.

Last nights eats included TUNA! I’ve mentioned this before but tuna creeps me out. A couple times I’ve found fish scales in the tuna can. This isn’t a joke. Apparently cold  Mac and Cheese is a great way to disguise tuna because it worked for me. Yum!! Though I didn’t add ketchup last night, it would have been a great addition.

Dessert included my very last Attune bar. I forgot to take a picture though! Shoot. It was mint chocolate and it reminded me of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I only had one.

This morning I got up early for the gym. Upon walking out the door and feeling the pretty mild temps, I decided on a 3 mile run outside. I have officially chosen a favorite route. Although three miles is a short distance, this route makes it feel even shorter. I LOVE it. It feels really good to finally have worked out before work. As some of you know, I used to be really good about getting up in the morning and just banging out a workout. The last four months have been really difficult for some reason and I’ve slacked like I’ve never slacked before.

On my run I thought about  the blogging community and how funny it is that we have no clue what one another’s voice sounds like. We all have dedicated blogs that we visit daily and comment on, yet there’s a huge piece that we miss out on. The flip side is that so many bloggers (myself included) feel like their most open and vulnerable self on here–which makes it so easy to connect. It’s just such an interesting community, one that draws so many people in.

Side note– At the gym last week I saw a man standing in front of the PUBLIC mirror squeezing the black heads out of his nose and his EAR. I mean, I understand the yearning to pop a quality zip but really? In front of everyone? Then he had to nerve to hop on the machine without so much a hand sanitizer. Freaking gross, dude. Thanks for passing on your clogged pores.  Now that you all want to barf, here’s todays menu.

I’m excited for that Cedar Lane burrito. Len picked it up and I’ve never seen it or tried that brand. The stats are better than Amy’s brand so we’ll see. The salad has veggies, avocado and olives. The Lara is for my afternoon snack. Not sure what’s for breakfast just yet. I always struggle with that one.

The people at my internship always go out together after work on the first Thursday of the month but I can never go because I have class. Since it’s Spring Break and I don’t have class, I can finally make it. I hate missing out because I think it’s such a great bonding time.

Remember that the Clif giveaway ends tomorrow at 10 so get your entries in now!

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