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What’s up hooker stains. (Len calls me that for some reason.) I’m currently babysitting but the little rascal just went down for her nap so it’s time for some homework, er.. blogging. The people I sit for have two birds and one of them is singing away like it’s nobodies business. Why do birds always sing the lamest songs. Can’t they learn something cool like Lady Gaga? Damn birds.

I’ve had some snacks today, one of which is worth sharing. The fine folks at Sahale sent me some goodies to binge on review. I’m sure you’ve all seen their products at Starbucks. I like their company because the Sahale line was built with quality healthy food in mind, without skimping on taste. They use spices and ingredients that are unique and delicious. Today I tried something truly wonderful, Valdosta Nut Blend. For those not down with the lingo, that means black pepper and orange zest pecans with sweet cranberries. The bag contained two servings and in typical Lindsay fashion, I ate them both. They were sweet, yet salty, crunchy, yet chewy. Mama Mia!

Do you want to try some of these bad boys too? I thought so. Check out their website and let me know what flavor is most appealing to you for a chance to win three bags of  nuts and a Sahale t-shirt! Len will pick a random number tomorrow night at 7 p.m.

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My beautiful Garden.

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. I’m psyched for this weekend since we change the clocks and it will be lighter in the mornings! That might make getting up to workout easier. I spotted some flowers in the beginning stages… if you look past the weeds you can see the stems. Spring is in the air!

I went for a three-mile run this morning with my friend Justin. We talked about it yesterday at our internship but I never thought we’d actually get our acts together to do it. He’s training for a half in May so it worked out well. I warned him that I run at a slow pace and he agreed to take it easy.  We ran around the reservoir twice, which is a little over three miles. We averaged a 9:20 pace which is really fast for me.

I spent the rest of the morning doing dishes, laundry and creating a fabulous feast: spaghetti squash, spinach, tempeh, olives, hummus and hot sauce. Non-dried up orange slices on the side. Twas good.

Random but awesome- Over Thanksgiving, I saw a commercial with Cindy Crawford endorsing a skin care line that was sure to be anti-aging. It was definitely enticing but too costly for me. Lens mom ordered it on HSN and accidently signed up for a monthly delivery. She missed the boat for cancellation and ended up with an extra set! I asked to borrow some face wash on Friday night and she handed over an unopened package. How rad! I hope to not fall in love with it though since it would just be another expense. It’s a no joke set, including eye cream. I feel like my wrinkles are disappearing already!

I’m a charity case. Don’t judge.

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