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hi again.

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#15– Lynn

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Thanks everyone for entering. Isn’t it so annoying to never win things?

Today was an easy breezy day, love those. Now if only I’d start working on some home work. Does anyone else find this to be an impossible task? So. Damn. Hard. Thanks for the Mimi feedback. I’ll definitely talk to her so we can figure out why I’m resisting and also if there are any other strategies worth discussing. I stuck with the meals that I mentioned earlier, but I also indulged in two packs of cookies and 3 truffles. I’ve seen worse but I wish I did better.

We’re heading up to Maine this weekend for some snowboard/ski action. I’ve only been on a board four times before so it should be pretty humorous. My friend Allison and I are taking lessons and I know we’ll be cracking up the entire time. I find getting off the ski lift to be the hardest part. How do people not topple over?  Kills me! Unfortunately we must leave the little lady behind. Boo. Total attachment issues here.

Dinner hasn’t happened yet but it will soon. I’m thinking a little spread action.

Booty camp… yes or no?

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Who you calling fat?

Yo! This morning I had the hardest time getting dressed for work and I definitely look like a bum today. I cannot believe how little I shopped this season and last. Turns out that hating your body is a real money saver. The lady to the left doesn’t worry about body image or carrying around an extra roll or two. One of the many beautiful things about animals. They just live in the moment. I was thinking yesterday about how we feed our dog better than we feed ourselves. I hate buying crap treats and try to only buy items with a short ingredient list.

A big thanks to Sally from Newman’s Own Organics. She sent along two bags of treats for Eleanor to “review”. Eleanor has been reviewing these same treats since she was a baby because they just so happen to be the ones we always buy. They come in two flavors: chicken and peanut butter. Ellie doesn’t discriminate.

Check out those ingredients. You really cannot go wrong with anything in there.

Last night I made an awesome and easy dinner- tortilla pizza. Simply topped two tortillas with sauce,sautéed mushrooms, spinach and parsley then baked for 45 minutes. These would only be two weight watchers points and were really filling, No, I’m not doing weight watchers but my mind just goes there.

I haven’t spoken much about it but for some reason I haven’t been following Mimi’s plan. Something about going into the day expecting a binge doesn’t sit right with me. We’re going to have to figure out if this is the best strategy for me. And if she really thinks so, then I need to let go of my fears and just do it. Yesterday I tried to simply eat intuitively and it worked out pretty well. Ideally that strategy would be my knight in shining armor.

My packed eats for today (not sure yet about breakfast). Bagel thin with peanut butter and a new apple butter I found at Shaws. I like how its made from apples and apple cider. It may taste like ass crack but I’ll let you know later. I also packed my favorite hummus dipping veggies: carrots, cauliflower (totally underrated) and broccoli.

Gotta run. Live like a dog and enjoy each moment today!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway. Winner picked tonight at 7.

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