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Quickie (not that kind)

Sorry I’ve been MIA. Thursdays are my crazy days and today I’m running around cleaning and ¬†packing before heading to class. Len is picking me up at school and we’re¬†hitting the road to Maine. I just tried on my ski pants and I look like a beluga whale. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to look any more puffy. I really wanted to look cool on the slopes. Damn.

Len and I went for a run this morning which is good because I was having lots of cookie guilt. You should know that there have been many cookies over the last few days. Below are some other random eats. I’ll post again tonight or tomorrow with some updates from our trip. Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend!!

Awesome combo: banana, pineapple chobani and coconut

Dark chocolate and orange Newman's Own Organic. This sucker is long gone

Mary's crackers, jack cheese, hummus

Soy nugget parm that Len made. He was so proud! With rice

Hi protein pretzels from Newman's Own Organics. Ate my fair share last night.

More PB and Apple butter bagel thin sandwiches. kel-it's definitely tangy!

Doesn't it look like I'm breast-feeding Ellie? Those would be some sore nipples.

It’s been one week since starting that Cindy Crawford face line– I don’t feel any different but I’m not sure that I’m supposed to. What the hell is that eye cream made out of? It kinda burns my eye skin when applied. Who said beauty was painless? P.S. One of my adolescent clients told me I had crowsfeet. Bastard.

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