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lots of sugar and flour up in here.

Hola! So it seems many of you out there don’t believe in cutting out particular food groups and I understand why it’s probably harder for someone with disordered eating to do that successfully. It’s certainly never worked for me but then again, nothing really has. Thanks for all the feedback and thoughts. I’m pretty sick of always thinking about it yet I cannot seem to help myself. I’m getting pretty exhausted with the whole things and I’m sure you’re pretty tired of hearing about it.

Ellie’s eye seems to be fine. I came home to take her to the vet and her eye was totally normal. The vet cannot do anything about it unless she can see first hand what’s going on. Thanks for all the well wishes for the little lady; maybe that’s what helped! Did I just use that semicolon properly?

Lunch was so good–vegetarian Pad Thai that len bought me last night. yum, yum. I also finished off my bag of spinach with lemon poppy seed dressing. I was shocked at how much I loved the dressing. Good thing it came in a small  package.

No fish sauce, added tofu.

chop sticks are SO hard to eat with. I ended up stabbing each leaf.

Dinner was teriyaki tempeh with couscous and gross vegetables. We literally have not a single vegetable left in the house. We’re getting a delivery on Thursday so I’m trying to hold out. It’s very, very hard.

Loved the tempeh this time around. Sugary sauce always helps!

Ryan from Pom Wonderful offered to send me a case of POM juice to taste! I typically don’t drink juice because I’d rather eat my calories. For some reason I feel its okay to eat 15 brownies in a day but don’t dare slurp sugary beverages.  I tried pomegranates for the first time this year and LOVED them so much. I really did want to try the juice and it did not disappoint. I’ve heard that it’s not that great but I really love it. Luckily the boyfriend loves it too so he’s been helping me chug-a-lug. Thanks Ryan.

I have a meeting with Mimi tomorrow so we’ll get her take on things.

**If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? I can’t even answer this one.

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Guess what’s baaackkk!

BOOTY!! Yep, I bit the bullet and signed up for Ultimate Boot Camp starting on March 22nd. This is probably bad timing since we should be focusing on half marathon training but the truth is, we’re not. We’ll get serious about increasing our mileage on the weekends and I’ll try to get one or two in during the week. We’ve basically come to the realization that we’ll be doing a lot of walking during this half. If that’s the case, I’d rather spend my time getting whole body conditioning in. For some reason, boot camp is the only time I work my arms and abs. I hope to get into a routine and then continue it after the month is over. I am also hoping that by doing booty, I will once again get into the routine of waking early to workout.

In other news, I have a confession. Since I’ve been eating really poorly and over indulging or bingeing almost every day, I’ve been thinking a lot about diets. My girlfriend, who also binges, recently started a no flour/no sugar lifestyle. She is doing great and hasn’t had a binge in two weeks, plus she has no desire to eat sugar. This is really tempting for me. I know that restriction of any kind back fires for me but all this sugar/fat/sodium/etc is truly killing my body and my spirit. That may sound dramatic but I really feel that way. Moderation just doesn’t work for me so cutting it out altogether sounds really enticing.  Thoughts? Am I setting myself up for failure or will this really decrease my longings to hit up the bakery section. You can be honest.

No pictures for this morning since I don’t have time for breakfast I’ll be back later with an awesome lunch.

P.S. I woke up this morning and Ellies eyeball is swollen. Like, it’s literally swelling out of her head. Anyone know what this is?

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