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Morning Sunshines!

I don’t know about you guys, but this hour change has not gotten any easier for me. Erin and I were supposed to go for a run but I cancelled with the intention of getting done at 5 to work on my paper. Of course this didn’t happen. I’m fearful of what next Monday will bring when I have to get up for booty. Even Ellie has been having a hard time with the change. Typically she’ll get out of bed when I do but this past week she’s kept on snoring.

Last night around nice I had a picnic of snacks. Newman’s Own Organic honey pretzels and  NOO white cheddar soy crisps. The pretzels are really thin and crunch. I’ve been dipping them in apple butter for a nice little treat. The soy crisps are actually of the same description, thin and crunchy. Some were extra crunchy even. I like them because they have 8 grams of protein plus some fiber. Can’t beat that. My stomach is kinda off right now but it may be because of all the veggies I ate yesterday. Can’t really complain about that.

I’m skipping breakfast because I’m just not hungry. I know everyone says that breakfast is a must but I disagree. By the time lunch rolls around I will be more than ready. I packed a bunch of veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots) with my favorite TJ’s hummus and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on bread from French Meadow Bakery. I love this company because they are certified organic and use the funky foods that this blogging community swears by: spelt bagels, hemp bread, gluten-free products, etc. I’m currently working on a loaf of sprouted cinnamon raisin bread. It’s first ingredient is wheat berries. This bread is dense and very flavorful. I love a good hearty bread and this guys wins. Thanks Emily. Can’t wait to try everything else.

I continue to get lots of feedback about the no sugar/flour thing and I’ve decided to focus on eating cleaner foods and cutting back. Yesterday was my first attempt and though I got snacky at night, I think I did pretty well. Thanks for all the tips of the trade. You guys are the experts here and I continue to learn through your comments.

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