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No, I haven’t quit my blog.

I haven’t posted since Wednesday morning and it feels like forever ago. I was cramming for a midterm so I had to prioritize my time and unfortunately blogging had to take the back seat. Sadly, there’s not much news to report. On the plus side, it’s absolutely amazing out and has been for the last few days. I busted out my flip-flops for the first time and they just aren’t going to cut it this season. I really need a cute pair of flops that are actually supportive. Do they exist or is support compromised with every flip-flop. I plan to search tomorrow so let me know.

This is the first weekend in a little while that we’re not going away and I couldn’t be any happier about it. I’m really looking forward to staying local and enjoying a nice, relaxing, inexpensive weekend. Len is going out tonight to watch UVM play and wants me to join him but I really have no desire to drink and hanging out with drunk people sober is the absolute worst. I may just hang in, clean, do some homework and rent Precious. Yes, I just thought of that plan right now and it sounds great! Len and I haven’t spend much time together this week though so I’m torn about not going. We’ll see.

One of my best friends ever (we basically shared a crib) just got an apartment about 45 minutes south of me so we’re going to spend all day together tomorrow. Our only plans are taking a nice walk and shopping. I HATE shopping when I feel gross and overweight but I desperately need some presentable clothing. Though I don’t love my body right now, having some clothes that make me feel pretty helps set the day up right. Right now I’m wearing old rugged clothes to my internship and I feel like a slug all day. Who needs that? My friend and I are also going to hit up the grocery store to make a healthy meal. This is the friend who is doing the no sugar/no flour diet and has been successful for three weeks now. I’m impressed.

My eats have been totally repetitive the last three days so I don’t have much to show. I’ve been eating TONS of cauliflower. Tons. So much so that I was disappointed to see another head in my Boston Organics delivery yesterday. Along with the cauliflower, I’ve enjoyed lots of carrots and broccoli. Every single cut up veggie was dunked in that Trader Joe’s hummus. I’ve been obsessed and have had the veg/hummus combo at least once a day since Tuesday; sometimes twice and once for breakfast. Embarrassingly enough I ate the whole container–hey, I told you it would be gone in three days and it lasted four.

x 700

That's all she wrote

Last night after class I enjoyed a veggie burger with tomato sauce and roasted veggies–potatoes, carrots, and you guessed cauliflower. Oy. I had to really work the ketchup bottle since it was on its last leg.

The salad/refried bean/hummus/hot sauce combo has also been pretty intense this past week. Today I added a twist and piled it all into a whole wheat pita with feta cheese. Mmmmmm.

Along with this healthy stuff, there was also some unhealthy stuff like candy bars, cookies and cake. There was a birthday at work so we all got a big fat ass piece. Okay, so maybe only mine was big and fat ass.

Updates–HATING my hair but can’t go get it evened out because it cannot afford to be any shorter.  Been there, done that and it’s not pretty. Also, now that it’s warmer my face is starting to break out from sweat. Does this happen to you?

Check out this pic–Ellie likes to sleep in our bed like a person so this is usually how we fall asleep–Lens head, Ellies head, my head (which is obviously missing.)

She's a brat and HAS to be in the middle.

How do you all make shopping a positive experience when you’re feeling frumpy?

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