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5 weeks till our run. Oh no!

Morning lovers. I’ve been having the weirdest dreams lately. Do you ever go through phases having bizarre dreams?  Wonder what that means. It’s close to eight and I am really excited to get on the road to my friend’s house but can’t leave for another hour. Don’t want to arrive too early! I must say, I’m bumming that I never made it to Fit Blogging. I’m been drooling over all the pictures this morning feeling jealous about missing out. There’s always next year I suppose. The swag bags look pretty pimp though!

Since I’ll be deprived of sugar and flour today, I decided to have an english muffin with peanut butter and an orange for breakfast. I can’t get over how juicy these oranges are. The muff was pretty damn good, too. I always  toast the whole thing rather than separate it into two sides because the inside stays soft and moist.

Miss. Eleanor was giving me the stink eye because she loves peanut butter.

"You're planning on sharing that, right?"

Len and I are MAKING ourselves start long runs this weekend. The half marathon is in five weeks and the furthest we’ve gone together was five miles. Tomorrow we plan to run seven and then increase to 10 over the next four weeks. I think we’re in for a rude awakening come race time but that’s okay. We’ll do it and walk when needed. Luckily for me there will be tons of spectators and music lining the course which will help motivate and encourage us.

The CCM is so cool because included in the race ticket is the entry to a concert that night. In the past they’ve had Jason Mraz and some other great artist. I’ve been waiting anxiously for the headliner to be announced and I just found out who it is yesterday–John Rich (from Big and Rich) and Cowboy Troy. Can we say LAME? Bummed for sure.

Last night I ate an early dinner (like 5–I know, I’m a total blue hair) of a salad with feta, dried cranberries, olive oil, vinegar and refried beans.

A little while later I wanted something else so I made a sandwich thin with peanut butter.

I watched Precious last night because the mood was just right. I  definitely shed some tears but more than anything it infuriated me because this happens way too often. I work with children like Precious everyday and hear countess tragic stories.  Did I tell you that I had to file my first 51A the other day? For those that don’t know the lingo– a 51A is when you file an abuse case to the Department of Family and Children. As a social worker, I am a mandated reporter so if a child disclosed abuse or neglect of any kind, I have to file on the family. No joke business I’m in. And P.S. How the hell did Mariah Carey get that role?

On a lighter note, let’s talk more food. Over the course of the night, I had a snack bag of popcorn sprinkled with nutritional yeast and MORE cauliflower with hummus. Has my head turned into one big floret? This is crazy. Oh yes, I also had a juicy Valencia orange that came in my organics delivery.

hot sauce, too!

Happy weekend!!

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