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Sweet Success

Dudes, I rocked my shopping trip yesterday. We both did actually. The day started off with a nice long walk on the beach. There was no wind and not a single cloud in sight. We also ran into a 3 month old black lab. Perfect.

Then it was mall time. We first hit up an outdoor shopping mall where I got three pair of shorts, shoes(I’m going through a yellow phase, a pair of pants, a long sleeve shirt, a short sleeve t-shirt and a kick ass skirt on sale from 70 to 15 bucks! Big fat score. I also got a pair of sunglasses and an awesome new chapstick. Everything all together cost= 135 bucks. CRAZY!

I saw this yesterday and it totally brought me back to my childhood.

They make the best flavors ever! My Lip Smacker collection was off the charts when I was a kid. Maybe that’s where my chap stick obsession came from.

See that monstrous size on the left? Those were so hip!

I was a Panera Bread virgin until yesterday, if you can believe it or not. We went for lunch and I got the greek salad with a whole wheat baguette slice. Since Lacey isn’t eating flour, I also ate her slice. But hers was white, and I ate it with butter. Twas good.

There was another woman taking a picture of her food and I wondered if she blogged…..

After lunch we had a little bench photo shoot.

We were determined to find a Gap since I had a 30% off coupon so we hit up another mall.  Unfortunately I spotted a dog  locked in a park car which really got me angry. Usually I’d call the cops but since the car was sort of parked in the shade with the windows down, I simply fed him  a bunch of ice cubes from my Starbucks iced tea. He was happy to chomp them up. We were in the mall for about ten minutes before we realized there wasn’t a Gap so we left and found the pup still there. I then chucked my whole cup of cubes in there for him to cool off with. People are a-holes.  Leave your dog at home if you want to shop.

One more shopping center later, we were both shopped out. My feet were literally aching. Have I mentioned that I hate J-Crew. I have a gift card there and I literally couldn’t fine one thing worth getting–even though it would be free.

We hit up a new restaurant for dinner called The British Beer Company. We sat out on the patio which was such a treat. I started with a decaf to warm up my insides a little bit.

I felt embarrassed when my order came because they were served on two huge plates. I ordered the hummus appetizer and a large house salad. It sure was large. The hummus platter came with veggies and pita wedges but they heavily grilled them in butter or oil which kind of annoyed me. There’s no need to f with perfectly good pita. I still ate them, of course.

I love you Shell!

It was around 9:30 by the time I arrived back to Boston. Len and I wanted some ice cream so we took a field trip to Shaws. I entered the freezers of hell only to notice a buy one get two free sale. I don’t know about you, but that bargain was way too good to pass up. We went into Shaws wanting peanut butter something so I picked up that flavor, plus Lens two favorites (which don’t entice me at all) strawberry and vanilla.

Don't judge.

peanut butter up in here.

After a nice night’s sleep and a morning trip to Starbs and the dog park, Len and I are off to shop for HIM. Oh the power of a friends and family coupon.  Breakfast was fruit salad (kiwi, banana, half pear, coconut) and lunch was egg salad.

Confession: I’ve been CRAVING meat like crazy, which is not like me. I almost caved.

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