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Chirp Chirp

Did you guys ever color Easter eggs as a kid? Fun stuff. I wonder what the chemical situation is in that coloring. Hmmm. Freaking easter baskets are so awesome. One year my mom thought it would be cool to get me a big ass stuffed animal instead of a basket…… let’s just say I was NOT impressed.

Lunch today is egg salad with lettuce on a bagel thin. Eggs totally creep me out so I’m shocked that I was craving them yesterday and today. I made my salad with eggs, vegan mayo and mustard. I wish I had celery or onion  but too bad so sad. I also packed some good old’ cauliflower with hummus. MMMMMMMM! I took a two-day break from the white florets so I’m ready for more.

Go UNIVERSAL Health care! No one in this country should be without coverage. We’re better than that!

What’s your favorite Easter Candy?

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Booty, booty, BOOTEEE!

BIG shout to my amazing sister who ran her first race ever yesterday (5k) and won third place for her age.  Bitch! One more reason why I think I was adopted. Really though, I’m so proud of you sissy!

Yesterday Len surprised me by offering to join me for this months boot camp. 2.5 years ago I would have shrieked at the thought of this. I was always someone who was to self-conscious  to workout with a boyfriend. That all changed when Len  signed us up for the Vermont Marathon. We trained together the whole time, which obviously alleviated my fear of working out with a partner.

Having Len do booty with me is awesome for many reasons: I’ll push myself harder with him there, we will bond over getting in shape, I won’t have to leave a cozy bed at 5:30 with him still in it, it will be the fitness kick-start that we both need. Above all this, having the routine/early morning workout will help him with his terrible insomnia. Len has a really hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I’m convinced that boot camp will work wonders.

So we started this morning! The rain held up and it was awesome. I feel so good to have gotten a solid workout in and it’s only 7.

Dinner last night was Subway. If I could be anyone in the whole world, I’d be Jarred so I could eat Subway (eat fresh!) everyday for free.  Post dinner was more peanut butter ice cream. I’m going to really work on limiting my sweets now that boot camp started. It would be a shame to zero out the benefits due to ice cream, whoopee pies and cookies. Why must all those things be so incredible?

Breakfast today is PB&J on an english muffin. Banana maybe later . Now that I’m working out in the morning I’ll most likely be eating in the mornings.

I’m off! Did you know that working out in the morning increases your metabolism for the day by 25%?

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