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My talented friend.

I want to send a HUGE thank you to one of my greatest friends, Ali. I’ve mentioned her in the past as my hiking partner in crime. On the trail I call her Morning Ninja. Long story. Ali is an amazing photographer and recently opened an Etsy shop. Someone requested that her photos be printed up as blank greeting cards. I jumped right on that bandwagon and ordered a pack for my sister. Lisa  LOVES cupcakes and Ali sells and awesome cupcake picture. I requested a variety pack using the pictures taken of baked goods. Not only did Ali refuse to take my payment, she sent me an additional  pack with two of her beautiful tree pictures. I love them SO much that I cannot possibly be asked to part with them. Sorry Lis, but your loss in my gain. Check em’ out. These cards are so special and I plan to use them sparingly. Thanks Ali!

How cute is the packaging?

I wonder who will get the first one….

cookies and cupcakes galore! I want to eat the card.

Such beautiful scenery shots

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Hi! Len and I went to booty this morning despite the rain and it wasn’t that bad–actually it wasn’t even raining towards the end. I feel that being in crap conditions bonds the group. I was bummed to have missed out on the bonding that probably took place yesterday. We worked the lower body today and we’ll probably be hobbling all weekend. I need new sneaks bad. I should post a picture and show you the disgrace that is my sneaks. My feet are literally busting out the sides.

Remember when I said I was sick of Pad Thai? Well, I lied because I ate  leftovers for dinner last night. It wasn’t in the plan but I was sooo hungry by the time dinner came around so I ate that. We also made sweet potato fries but I only had a couple. Though they’ll be mushy, I’ll probably eat them tonight instead. I have the hardest time throwing food away.  About an hour before dinner I ate boiled cabbage with rice vinegar. So good. Someone asked me if I eat the whole cabbage in one sitting. Ha ha, I don’t think so. I’d probably blow Lenny right off the couch. I think my next bowl will be with mustard. Mmmmmmm.

SInce I didn’t eat my potatoes, they were turned into a flavorful salad for today’s lunch: sweet potato, feta and dried raisins. Damn that sounds good. I also packed tons of veggies to be dipped in hummus. For some reason I always need some sort of condiment for veggies.

Not sure what I’ll be having for breakfast just yet…… something with peanut butter I imagine. Have a great day!

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