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Good recipe up in here

Since I’ve been cutting back on desserts/sugary snacks this week, I’ve been trying to integrate sweet into my meals. Last night I made a couscous salad and it turned out really well.

I cup dry whole wheat couscous

1 package mushrooms

1 apple-diced

1/4 cup dried cranberries

1 tbsp olive oil

1-2 cups balsamic vinegar.

Sautee sliced mushrooms and diced apple in olive oil while water is boiling for couscous.

When water is at a boil, dump in cup couscous which will automatically soak up all the water

dump mushroom, apple and cranberries into the pot and let sit a lowest heat.

Pour vinegar into separate pot and let boil until it reduces down dramatically. Sauce should be thick and smell really sweet.  It takes a lot of vinegar to make a little bit of reduction. When sauce is done, dump into pot of couscous,etc and stir. Done and Done.

Simple and SO SO tasty. It serves 3 -4 good size portions.

I paired the couscous salad with a veggie burger and it was a great dinner. Next time I’ll probably add another veggie to the mix such as spinach or broccoli.

Yesterdays breakfast was simple but I sort of felt like a perv eating it. Peanut butter spread on a low carb wrap wrapped around a banana. I like to call it, Penis in a Blanket.

Don't pretend that you wouldn't have thought that too.

Today was our last day of booty for the week! Having Len on board makes it a million times easier to get up in the morning and get out the door. It’s such a welcomed change. Today we did a lot of sprints and upper body. I literally have ZERO arm muscle so the exercises are SO hard. We used bands the whole time and worked our shoulders, back, and triceps (I think). I felt the burn, for sure.

Upon arriving home I immediately wanted eggs and ketchup. Not sure which one sounded better! This whole egg kick that I’m on is SO not like me. I’m telling you, eggs are such creepy little things but for some reason I’m loving them this week. I hope this obsession sticks around because I definitely need more protein in my life. A light english muffin with butter was also enjoyed. Butter is not something I struggle with and 99.9 percent of the time don’t use. This morning was just plain strange.

You should know that I passed on ice cream the last two nights and didn’t go near the bins of hell yesterday at my internship. I feel better already.

P.S. Do you guys have one boob bigger than the other? My left one is definitely bigger.

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