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Barren Fridge

Hey peeps (and not the Marshmallow kind). Sorry I’ve been MIA but honestly, I’ve got nothin’ for you. Really, I’m a big bore and have no exciting news.

Yesterdays dinner was borderline binge– lots of crackers and cheese, and soup with (you guessed it) more crackers. Earlier in the afternoon I had a HUGE peanut butter and jelly. By huge I mean that the bread slices were like couch cushions. I was bored and I ate. End of story. Interesting, right?

Len and I FINALLY hit up booty this morning. I felt really cranky on the way there but things got better quickly. It feels really good to be active again. Amen, sistas!

You guys would be bummed out at the inside of my fridge. Such a sad sight. I managed to put together some good eats today nonetheless. Breakfast= yogurt and cereal. Lunch= pb&j and veggies. Snack= grapes/strawberries and carrots with hummus. I’ve been OBSESSED with a new recipe my friend Michelle taught me–adding curry to hummus. I add tons and it’s awesome. I suppose you can make homemade curry hummus but I just add it to store-bought. Michelle also adds grapes but I didn’t do that this week. ¬†Dinner= roasted potatoes and cheese slices. Not balanced but I’m desperate.

Now this is yummy!

I have a dinner date at¬†Bella Luna tomorrow night with my friend Mikaela. I can’t wait!

Are you doing anything fun to celebrate Easter or Passover? Len and I are headed to Connecticut to spend time with my family. I’m really worried because my mother always has TONS and tons of candy, chocolate and sweets around the house. Not sure how I’m going to manage. Tips?

P.S. Is it wrong that I got really pissed off today when a very overweight 8 year old girl said, “I can’t wait to go home today so I can go to Burger King, even though I’m not supposed to eat there. We didn’t go yesterday so my mom promised we can go today.” Poor kid is going to have a tough life.

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