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Barren Fridge

Hey peeps (and not the Marshmallow kind). Sorry I’ve been MIA but honestly, I’ve got nothin’ for you. Really, I’m a big bore and have no exciting news.

Yesterdays dinner was borderline binge– lots of crackers and cheese, and soup with (you guessed it) more crackers. Earlier in the afternoon I had a HUGE peanut butter and jelly. By huge I mean that the bread slices were like couch cushions. I was bored and I ate. End of story. Interesting, right?

Len and I FINALLY hit up booty this morning. I felt really cranky on the way there but things got better quickly. It feels really good to be active again. Amen, sistas!

You guys would be bummed out at the inside of my fridge. Such a sad sight. I managed to put together some good eats today nonetheless. Breakfast= yogurt and cereal. Lunch= pb&j and veggies. Snack= grapes/strawberries and carrots with hummus. I’ve been OBSESSED with a new recipe my friend Michelle taught me–adding curry to hummus. I add tons and it’s awesome. I suppose you can make homemade curry hummus but I just add it to store-bought. Michelle also adds grapes but I didn’t do that this week.  Dinner= roasted potatoes and cheese slices. Not balanced but I’m desperate.

Now this is yummy!

I have a dinner date at Bella Luna tomorrow night with my friend Mikaela. I can’t wait!

Are you doing anything fun to celebrate Easter or Passover? Len and I are headed to Connecticut to spend time with my family. I’m really worried because my mother always has TONS and tons of candy, chocolate and sweets around the house. Not sure how I’m going to manage. Tips?

P.S. Is it wrong that I got really pissed off today when a very overweight 8 year old girl said, “I can’t wait to go home today so I can go to Burger King, even though I’m not supposed to eat there. We didn’t go yesterday so my mom promised we can go today.” Poor kid is going to have a tough life.


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  1. Nope, not wrong at all. I’m having Passover din with the bf’s family on Friday night and the Sunday is Easter dinner with my family, busy, busy. P.S. Totally gave you the Sunshine Award today!

    Comment by Kelly | March 31, 2010 | Reply

    • Ohhh, thank you!!!

      Comment by lpskins | March 31, 2010 | Reply

  2. It is so terrible that a kid is saying that she isn’t suppose to eat certain foods. Parents should never put food into categories like that. All food is okay to eat. If you eat too many apples you will get sick, and apples are good for you! I absolutely detest that type of mentality! I feel so sad for children that already have these thoughts in their heads.
    I loved food when I was little and never thought twice about my weight or what I ate. I wish I could still do that as easily, but now I will forever be mindful of what foods I put in my body and how each makes me feel mentally and physically. Both a blessing and a curse, I guess.

    Comment by Astrid | March 31, 2010 | Reply

  3. I think the child should know why she is not supposed to eat there. I think parents have a real responsibility to teach their children about healthy eating. And eating at those places should be very rare. Better to start young and form great habits instead of eating crap and then trying to break those bad habits. Just my two cents! My fridge is soooo empty right now!

    Comment by Kimberley | March 31, 2010 | Reply

    • I agree with both you and astrid. She shouldn’t be eating it but it also shouldn’t be a struggle for her yet, like it seemed to be.

      Comment by lpskins | March 31, 2010 | Reply

  4. Re: tips– I would pick out two or three treats that you definitely want to have. Eat them, enjoy them, and then move on and have fun enjoying the time with your family!

    I love the combo of curry and grapes! Adding it to hummus is genius!

    Comment by Anna | March 31, 2010 | Reply

    • I wish I could but I don’t really operate like that.

      Comment by lpskins | March 31, 2010 | Reply

  5. Omg, your P.S. about the little girl totally reminded me of something I saw yesterday. I was at the park and just finished a crazy hard run and was stumbling back towards my car. I saw a girl around the same age – 8 or 9 – and she was big, poor thing. And this was around 4:30ish, anyway, she was holding a SUPER SIZE soda drink along with a huge bucket of fries. I wanted to go up to her mother and give her a piece of my mind, but of course it’s really none of my business, but grrrrrr… Makes me sad to think about the road that little girl is headed down.

    Comment by homecookedem | March 31, 2010 | Reply

    • ugh, that’s horrible.

      Comment by lpskins | March 31, 2010 | Reply

  6. hey, sometimes it’s important to be “boring” just to keep your sanity! and you know what? borderline binge means it wasn’t a binge. and for THAT i am so proud of you! you’re doing great lindsey!

    Comment by Heather | March 31, 2010 | Reply

    • thanks my dear.

      Comment by lpskins | March 31, 2010 | Reply

  7. who’s staying at your mom’s with you and len? sis? ask her to at least put the candy where you can’t see it. and tell someone that is going to be there that you aren’t going to have any. that seems to help me….if i make a public statement to someone that will see me go against it if I do….

    Comment by Ali | March 31, 2010 | Reply

    • just me and len. unfortunately that strategy doesn’t work for me…. the sweets win over feeling embarrassed.

      Comment by lpskins | April 1, 2010 | Reply

  8. We have a strange Easter Tradition…we take Hailey to go see a Movie and then go out to eat lol…this year we are going to see Alice in Wonderland =)

    Comment by Mari | March 31, 2010 | Reply

    • thats a cute tradition!

      Comment by lpskins | April 1, 2010 | Reply

  9. The story about that little girl is so sad…I wonder if her doctor recommended she doesn’t eat fast food? Whatever the case, it’s so sad that she’s already more excited about food than anything else…tough life indeed.

    Going to my aunt’s for Easter!! Since my mom’s side of the family thinks my vegetarianism is super weird, I’m not counting on any veggie dishes…better eat before, haha. Have a great time at your mom’s!!

    Comment by Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine | April 1, 2010 | Reply

  10. I wish Burger King, McDonalds, etc…would all be blown off the face of the earth. They only exist to destroy us all. Poor kid 😦

    My tip for Easter is to pick a candy that is only available to you on Easter. Why eat a piece of chocolate that you can have any other day of the year? Indulge in that something special that only comes around on Easter.

    Comment by MelissaNibbles | April 1, 2010 | Reply

  11. Ugh…that breaks my heart! Seriously…poor kiddo. We rarely ate fast food as a kid and now neither me nor my brother ever crave it…ever. I can’t even remember the last time I had fast food (unless Jimmy Johns counts) and I don’t ever think about it. It just isn’t a part of my lifestyle and it never has been. My brother and I both never ever crave it and I completely attribute that to my parents and how we were raised.

    As for this weekend if you go visit Len’s family…just believe in yourself. You are a strong lady and if you eat a few Easter treats that is OKAY. But just try to remind yourself that you can have anything you want just not all at one time. Value your body and value your choices. You can do it and I believe in you pretty lady! 🙂

    Comment by Kelly | April 1, 2010 | Reply

  12. Ahh Easter…I hate holidays.

    This is my plan to try to reduce binging during this holiday: TAG (Talk, Avoid, Gum).

    Basically I try to talk to as many people as I can because I don’t want to be chewing like a cow in their face. I also avoid sitting by candy bowls and cookie trays, I also chew gum so that I already have something in my mouth. This was the strategy I used of Thanksgiving and Christmas and I actually didn’t binge, I still indulged and overate, but it as nothing that hurt or was ridiculous. You also need to have some confidence that you can do it! You seem like you’ve been improving so now you’re ready for a challenge! You can do this, seriously.

    Comment by Allyson | April 1, 2010 | Reply

  13. bella luna is So good!!! i went there not too long ago!! I got some fish dish, I believe it was a special but they are known for their crazy pizza! if thats what you are in the mood for, its supposed to be good!

    when are we meeting up?!?!

    Comment by Naomi (onefitfoodie) | April 1, 2010 | Reply

  14. The Hummus is ADDICTING!!! I am glad you like it 🙂

    Comment by Michelle K | April 1, 2010 | Reply

  15. That kid is definitely going to have a tough life when the highlight of her day is going to Burger King. I wonder what the mom looked like.

    I have no Easter plans.. I wanted to do an Easter Egg Hunt with my sister (yes.. I’m almost 19..) but I’m too sick to get to my vegan shop in the city for the chocolate. If I’m better by next week (which I will be) then I’ll just go in then, get my chocolate eggs, and have a delayed Easter.

    So you’re finding that by not binging on sweets you’ve been binging on breads and cheese instead? I do the EXACT same thing minus the cheese. I can give up sweets easy enough but then I just replace it with lots of bread with pb. Like.. lots.

    Comment by highonhealthy | April 1, 2010 | Reply

  16. i would say to not forbid yourself from the treats around the house. don’t allow them to have power over you!

    Comment by actorsdiet | April 2, 2010 | Reply

  17. Never step on the life ruiner, NEVER haha it lies anyway..

    Comment by Brittany | April 4, 2010 | Reply

  18. I had lots of candy and I think I did a very good job in hiding it from you, don’t you agree? The only sweets I had out were tootsie rolls and I don’t even eat them. I had bags of Easter M&M’s, Russell Stover chocolate eggs, jelly beans, chocolate eggs etc.; all hidden from your eyes. Now aren’t I a good Mama?

    Comment by mom | April 5, 2010 | Reply

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