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Smelly woes

Yooooo, what up home slices? Please excuse my absence but it’s my last week of classes and I’ve been a little busy. I will most likely have irregular attendance next week too because it’s finals week. This time next week graduate school will be a thing of the past and I will be one happy bitch!

Lucky for you guys, you haven’t missed much since the last time I posted. The only news is that I’ve been SO gassy. I mean, this is getting a bit ridiculous. Here are a few suspected culprits.

A true poop patty: English muffin topped with refried beans, corn, and mushrooms.

Three layer hummus and 18 pounds of veg??

Or could I attribute it to three new purchases found at Trader Joes?

Dried Fruit absolutely equals Fart City

Let’s chat about these new finds. My sister turned me on to the Wasabi Wow mix. This stuff feels like a dance party on my tongue but it can be addicting so measure out in advance. Next we have dried bananas. I haven’t tried them yet so review will come later. The rock fart star purchase of the week is Unsweetened, Unsulfured Pineapple rings. Pineapple is the only ingredient and 5 of them are 110 calories. You better believe I’ve been enjoying at least one serving since Monday.

As if I didn’t have enough to worry about, I made the mistake of packing roasted broccoli yesterday for lunch. This meant that I was the smelly girl on the bus; it was clear that the other passengers took note of the exploding stench of foot coming out of my lunch bag.

So it goes.

Anyway, I’m off the Pennsylvania today to spend the weekend at my sisters. We are running a 10 mile race on Sunday so I better be sure to stay away from the pineapple.

P.S. I got offered a per diem position where I intern so I’ll be working there until the week of July 4th. After that I am jobless and will be living in a card board box.

Don’t forget to enter my Gerbs Pumpkin Seed Giveawy!

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Giveaway for two lucky winners

I’m honored to be the first blogger to host a giveaway from Gerbs Pumpkin Seeds. Thank you Sennen for hooking me up with quality products to sample and share. Gerbs rocks my socks for a bunch of reasons– not only are their seeds delicious but they are dry roasted and packaged using recycled products. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that they made PUMKIN SEED BRITTLE. If my grandfather was alive he would flip out because he loved anything brittle. How progressive we are!

Sennen (cool name, right?) sent along seeds in four different flavors: touch of salt, roasted onion and garlic, roasted red pepper and lightly salted. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better I spotted dark chocolate pumpkin seed clusters and milk chocolate pumpkin seed clusters. You better believe I dug right into the box of dark chocolate pumpkin seed clusters. Holy hell were they good! The chocolate was so rich and the seeds added a unique taste that really worked well. I brought a box of the roasted red pepper seeds to work and we all sat around the table and munched away like squirrels. This flavor was a huge hit. My friend Justin said he felt like he was enjoying a wonderful harvest. Okay…….

Are you hot for Gerbs? Here’s your chance to win four different flavors of seeds, a box of milk chocolate clusters, and a box of either the dark chocolate clusters or the pumpkin seed brittle. To enter, please check out Gerbs Pumpkin Seed website and leave a comment below suggesting a new flavor seed or a Gerbs product you’d like to try. I will pick two winners NEXT Tuesday at 10:30 am. Contest is open to U.S. residents only. (Sorry, I’m poor!)

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Race take 2

Hey loves. I have the day off today but there’s lots of home work to be done. Only two more weeks of this crap and then I’m done forever!! I skipped booty yesterday our of sheer exhaustion but today my ass was kicked. Though my legs aren’t sore, they were feeling weak after my workout. Gotta rest these puppies up because I’m running the Broad Street Run this Sunday. The Broad Street Run is a 10 mile race in Philadelphia. My sister asked me months ago if I wanted to run but my answer was, “hell no, it’s the weekend before finals”.  After running the half on Saturday my mind changed but registration was closed. 30, 000 people had already signed up for the race but my girl Liv saved the day. I “met” Liv through the blog world and she lives in the same town as my sister. Her mom has a friend that signed up for the race but can’t run for some reason so she HOOKED IT UP!!!!!! I’m SO freaking excited!

Though Len and I had a great time crossing the finish line together last weekend, he won’t be running with me on Sunday.

Stayed tuned for a giveaway later today!

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Done and Done

Well Nashville was a damn blast but we’re happy to be home. The 1/2 marathon was absolutely awesome and it really got me pumped to get running again. You’d think it would be the other way around but since we didn’t train I had been out of the running loop.

We hit up the expo Friday afternoon and bought a bunch of goodies. I had never run with a hat before but it was supposed to be raining for the run so I figured why not. Len got that awesome shirt and we both got socks.

Marathon day started REALLY early. The race was scheduled to start at 7 am but started 15 minutes earlier due to a serious tornado warning/thunderstorms and lightening/rain. Since there wasn’t any prior notice about an early start, people were running for the start line after the race had already begun. I felt SO bad for them. Unfortunately the bad weather kicked in about 3 hours into the race so many marathoners had to be rerouted and could only get 22 out of the 26.2 miles in. There were many disappointed faces.

Here we are bright and early in the hotel lobby ready to go.

sister, me, bf

I can’t begin to express how much I enjoyed this race. There were over 25,000 runners and we always had tons of people in front of us and behind us. It makes such a difference to be surrounded by a sea of energy. There were also TONS of spectators. People were handing out cut up fruit, candy, DOUGHNUTS, beer, and other things throughout the course. I had 2 Boston Creams. I kid. There were different bands at every mile and lots of things to look at, like Melissa from The Biggest Loser!! (P.S. I beat her.)

Len and I didn’t have a great time (2.30) because we did a lot of speed walking. There were also lots of hills. Work that booty! Despite the bad time, I felt really strong the entire time and felt like I could have continued on (though I was happy to not have to). I think boot camp was better training then the actual training plans I’ve followed in the past. My sister on the other hand smoked the race and finished in 1.53. I’m so proud of her. She’s totally addicted and wants to run another one soon. We’re going to sign up for the Rock & Roll half marathon in Philly. This race set the standard pretty high so I hope the others measure up.

Recovery has been pretty easy for me, despite some black and blue toenails. Len is another story; he’s hobbling around like he just shit out a hippopotamus. Hehe, poor bastard.

As far as Nashville goes… not so impressed. To be fair, we didn’t do any tourist type activities because of the horrible weather on Saturday. We did indulge in some seriously good food the entire weekend though. No bingeing but lots of deliciousness. We made sure to taste some southern grub such as sweet potato biscuits.

And peach cobbler

And make your own ice creams…

captain crunch, cookie dough, marshmallows and chocolate cherry soft serve

So maybe that doesn’t count as southern tradition but whatever.

You should know that I bailed on the tattoo situations so I came back ink free.

Check out this awesome shirt my sis bought me–” Bottle of Wine = 437 Cal 5 Miles.”

Besides running and eating, we did a lot of lounging…

Relaxing at a restaurant called Cabana.

My super fast sister and me

Today we drove out to Franklin and hung out at this huge street fair. It was nice to explore life outside of Nashville.

On our way home we got stuck riding in the smallest plane ever. My head literally hit the ceiling and it was very bumpy. We got back about an hour ago and it’s 12:40 am. WAY past my bedtime.. We’ll see if I actually make it to booty tomorrow.


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Morning! I’m feeling a little overwhelmed this morning as I have a full day ahead of me, a presentation that I am not prepared for tonight and preparation for leaving on a jet plane tomorrow. When I get home tonight I have to pack, clean the house for the person who’s staying with Eleanor, get Ellie’s “stuff” all squared away, etc.

I’m so excited for Nashville but nervous at the same time. The weather is calling for 73 for the high with a chance of thunderstorms. I hope it doesn’t get too hot out there. The race starts at seven in the morning which is brilliant. Early mornings make for better runs. Lisa things that we’ll be running together which is a joke considering she runs at a 7 something pace and I’m the old goat trying to maintain a 10 mile pace.

My sister and I are planning to (possibly) get a tattoo while we’re there. She already has 4 of them but I’m scared stiff of that needle thing and the wretched noise it makes. There’s a good possibility that I’ll bail on that plan–tattoo parlors remind me of the dentist and the dentist reminds me of hell. Speaking of, I totally have a cavity or something because my teeth are SO sensitive.

I made the decision NOT to bring my laptop to Nashville. This forces me to take a break from the online world and really focus on the people who I’m with. With that said, this will probably be the last post till Sunday night or Monday morning.

Wish me luck, pray for me (even if in tongue) and have a great weekend. xo

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Slowest week ever!

It feels like it should be next week already!

I can tell it’s going to be a processed food kind of day. After boot camp this morning I spotted my second and last Banana Bread Clif bar and knew I had to have it. It worked out perfectly with a cup of hot coffee.

Then I peered in the freezer to find a Lean Cuisine Spinach and Mushroom Pizza calling my name. I packed that bad boy for lunch with a spinach and strawberry salad–try to even things out a bit. Since starting the blog, I realized that I don’t eat much fruit. I always pack it but almost never eat it…. Hopefully todays apple will be gobbled right up.

What are your favorite processed foods? Mine are desserts and bagels. Can’t quite narrow it down to only one.

Did anyone watch The Biggest Loser last night? They had to face a day of temptations (for breakfast, lunch and dinner) with the most amazing foods ever! I could feel the internal battle that each contestant faced as they decided to eat the calories or not. Food is some powerful shit.

Did I mention how awesome my heart rate monitor is? Too bad I only burned 400 calories at booty this morning. BOOOO!

Later Gators!

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lil’ late

Hey Blogfaces! Long time not talk…..

No therapy update today because I didn’t go. FREEDOM!!!!!! Back to the couch next week.

As you may or may not know,  Len and I are leaving on Friday for Nashville, TN. We are meeting my sister and her hubby there to run the Country Music HALF marathon. Unfortunately Len and I forgot to train so we’re pretty much screwed. There will be a whole lot of walking during that 13.1 miles. I’m pretty disappointed that we didn’t put any effort into preparing for this race but it’s too late to worry about it now. Luckily I have been active over the last month so I’m not COMPLETELY out of shape. Just….. mostly of out of shape. As of now, the forecast for Saturday says 78 and possibility of thunderstorms. If it gets any hotter than that someone’s going to die– and it will probably be me on the course. This hookers doesn’t do well in

I’m psyched to visit Nashville (Music City) since I’m a huge fan of country music. I want to explore everything so hopefully our legs won’t be too tired. The Country Music Marathon is extra cool because there’s a post race concert that night. My bro-in-law scored us back stage passes so we’ll be VIP bitches! Score. The singers are kinda lame (John Rich and Cowboy Troy) but it will still be fun! I get SO nervous around famous people so I’ll probably just stand there like a donkey.

Something weird happened at booty this morning. A random van pulled up and started promoting their product, Mix 1. (Keep in mind it was 6 in the morning and the trainers weren’t expecting it.)  I had never heard of the brand but grabbed three and ran for the hills : blueberry vanilla, mango, and mixed berry. The sugar content in them is pretty high so I probably won’t drink them but Len will. You guys know I have issues drinking my calories away.

Olive oil??? Weird.

Speaking of sugar, I forgot how amazing Banana bread Clif Bars are. They have little chocolate bits in them and really do taste like dessert…. stiff competition with Carrot Cake.

I just boiled cauliflower and it smells like a bag of ass in here. The wretched smell is so worth the bowl of excitement below.

mashed cauliflower mixed with 1/4 cup mozz, 4 soy nuggets and ketchup. be jealous.

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Now you can be traumatized, too.

I can’t stop thinking about my church experience this weekend. It really impacted me in a negative way and I want you all to suffer understand what keeps playing over and over in my head.  I watched many “speaking in tongues” youtube videos in an attempt to find the perfect something that matched the freakiness that was my Saturday.  This video came the closest to replicating it. Just imagine being surrounded by that sound.

Did you watch? To be fair, I couldn’t see anyone’s face so I’m not sure if they had that look of terror or not.

Moving on. Remember a few months back when Clif bar sent me tons and tons of bars? Well they’re long gone now so it was definitely time to restock.

Shaws has a sale going on and most Clif bars are 1 buck. Not sure why I felt the need to get two of each flavor. I’m excited to try the graham cracker Clif Z bar and the Luna Protein bars. Yum, yum.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time thinking about my work but never doing it. My friend Meg and I went out for a late lunch, then I joined Len for his even later lunch at a local bar. I sipped on a Cherry Wheat beer (which I’m still wild for) while Len had a pomegranate wheat beer. It had an interesting taste to it but mine was better.

I must admit, it’s SO nice not taking pictures of my every single bit of food I eat. It’s like a renewed sense of freedom. The weird thing is that I never really minded taking pictures until I stopped doing it.

Gotta run, this week is going to be CRAZZYYYYY!

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We got a beauty over here.

As much as I love to sleep in on the weekends, I often can’t sleep past seven. The plus side is that I don’t really mess up my weekday sleep schedule. After catching up on Real World/Road Rules Challenge, I headed out for a quick three miler. Although I haven’t been running distance, I have increased my speed. While running I began dreaming about oatmeal pancakes and Chobani. Well folks, wishes do come true!

1/2 cup oatmeal

2 tablespoon coconut butter (one in mix and one directly onto pan for grease)

1 tablespoon Cacao Powder

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 egg white

1/4 Almond milk

1 container Chobani for spread (I switched from pineapple to pomegranate.)

5-6 strawberries

Stuffed to the gills! Next time, I’d add a little less cocao powder. Never thought I’d say that!

Off to Starbucks to get some work done.

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Never doing THAT again.

It’s 3:30 and I just got back from church. Where to start. Charlotte picked me up at 10:30 for 11 mass. She wanted to talk about what to expect, specifically about the intimacy of the setting. She informed me that there would be about 13 people there , that everyone was Chinese, and that they were nervous for me to attend. (F word.) I should also know that people pray in tongue. (Holy shit.) I had heard about people praying in tongue but had never heard it and quite frankly, never want to again. I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but that shit is SCARY. Really. It gave me goose bumps and it felt like the scene for the perfect horror movie.  We ended the first Mass with a good 10 minutes of tonguing.(?!) Well I wasn’t tonguing of course. My prayer consisted of, “Please lord make this stop.”  One time I tried to make my own noise and roll my tongue.

Around 12 something I was ready to get out of there. Low and behold, lunch was served in the basement. Lunch was actually really nice because everyone was so friendly and made me feel welcomed. Then around one, I was informed that we’d now head up to bible study. Are you freaking kidding me??? I sent Len 400 texts saying, “COME GET ME NOW!”, “I’m not kidding. NOW!” and  when he didn’t answer the phone or respond to my texts, “Are you trying to punish me for going to church? I’m going to kill you. Help!!”  They might have been a little dramatic.

Around 2:50 he arrived and I graciously excused myself from bible study.

Quite the experience.

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