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Back to the roots

What up bitches and bastards! (I say that with the utmost respect, of course.) In Connecticut chillin at my moms.  Good times.It feels really good to be back in my hometown, away from the craziness that is Boston. No traffic, no honking, no high buildings Just peacefulness. I still had road rage but that’s another story.

I’ve been thinking about the Cherry Wheat Beer all day so I went and got a six-pack. Len wasn’t a fan so I have five all to myself. I’m on my forth. Let’s just say….. I’m  feeling good. Luckily the only candy I’ve spotted so far are Tootsie rolls (pull out my fillings), gummy bears (not Haribo so I don’t care) and coconut cream eggs (oh shit!). So far I’ve managed to dodge the dishes. Oh, and I saw some donuts too. This is dooms day over here.

We are pondering what to eat for dinner but haven’t come up with a conclusion. Poor Ellie has that weird eye thing going on again. Basically her eyeballs is swelling out and it’s not a pretty sight. The vet can’t diagnose it till we get her there when it’s actually happening so we’re clueless. Poor little rat.

I didn’t get around to eating breakfast till it was lunch so I had a hemp bagel with peanut butter and veggies with parm cheese and hot sauce.

Around 3:30 I had a laughing cow wedge and a yogurt. Since then I’ve been sipping on the brews. I’m on vacation, right? Merry Good Friday.

Tastes better in a pint glass

My mom, grandma and I had a photo shoot.

Cougars ready to pounce

mama and me.

Three generations.

My mom and dad have hazel eyes, my brother and sister have blue eyes (and blonde hair) and I have BROWN eyes. What the fridge?

Bye loves!!

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Jump, Jump!

Hey, hoo, hey, hoo. I went to a Kriss Kross concert in 8th grade and wore my pants backwards. True Story.

So…. I hopped on the scale this morning and didn’t even lose a full one pound?! What the freak. I know I haven’t drastically cut back over the last two weeks but I haven’t binged on sweets or eaten any sweets for that matter. This HAS to have decreased my calorie intake. I’ve also been doing boot camp. I really expected to lose. Mimi advised me not to step on the scale so I wouldn’t get disappointed but  I’m stubborn. I’m not so disappointed that I want to stuff my face with 10 whoopee pies but I am left wondering what to do next.

Thanks for all the Easter eating tips. I still haven’t picked a strategy. I got a lot of advice about not letting the candy have power over me. The truth is, it does. One bite and I’m done. I definitely plan to remember how much better I feel without the sugar with hopes that it will inspire me to back away. “Back away, not today, Disco Lady.” Who knows what that’s from?

Last night I had a glorious dinner with a friend I met in grad school. She’s someone I felt instantly comfortable with so we had great conversation. Remember on Valentines Day when Len and I went to Bella Luna for an early dinner? Well Mikaela lives in the area and had never been so we hit it up. The place was packed and the atmosphere was so funky.

I started off with a Cherry Wheat beer. If you like cherry and you like beer, this is a great choice. I LOVED it and wanted to drink 17 more.

Although the intention was to order a black bean and portobello burger, I was swayed by the creamy tomato and basil soup. One cup please!

After  I took that picture the waitress arrived with garlic knots. Bitch. I had two.

Then came the Silver Moon Salad– dried cranberries, croutons, gorgonzola and field greens. So good. I ate every last bite.

Len and I are headed to CT around 2 today so I must get moving. Lots of errands/work to do. Who’s avoiding taxes till the last minute?  I am!!

Need advice for good running shoes for peeps with wide feet. My booty camp leader called me out on how old and ridiculous mine sneaks are.  I’ve been sticking with Nike only because of the Nike Plus thing.

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