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Bouncing boobs

Rise and Shine and give god your glory. Sorry, that song always comes to mind when anyone says, “Rise and Shine!” in their most cheerful and annoying voice. Booty this morning rocked though we mostly just focused on cardio. To my surprise, there really hasn’t been much abdominal work. Next week is our last week of booty and after that I really need to focus on strength training. I’ve never lifted or done anything of the sort so I don’t know where to begin. Naomi, I need your help!

I finally got new sneaks yesterday. I took everyone’s advice and went into an actual running store to get fitted properly. I sure wasn’t prepared for the exercises they had me doing, such as running down a Boston sidewalk with no sports bra. You guys may not know this but I have HUGE boobs–36DD boobs. Boobs that should not be let loose without a bra that resemble a chastity belt, otherwise they’re all over the place. Let’s just say that the neighborhood businesses got a little show. I tried some Asics, as everyone seemed to have positive things to say about that brand, but walked out with Saucony. They felt supportive and fluffy at the same time.

I managed to get back on track yesterday though I did sneak in some treats here and there. Included in the treats was a serving of fart pellets sugar-free jelly beans. Beware, they increase the  risk of blowing holes in your mattress and peeling the paint of the walls.Wow, all I have to say is poor Len.

The rest of the eats were pretty standard.

veggies/hummus/string cheese

veggie burg on bagel thin


How do you guys feel about farting in front of your partner. This is totally a TMI question but I quite like it. For me, I don’t LOVE ripping ass in front of Len and laugh hysterically every time it happens, but it happens.

I hate guys who think girls don’t fart. Get over it, donkey.

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