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Learning to focus less on dieting and more on overall health and wellness

Not just for Thanksgiving.

Saturday = best day of the week! Love, love, love it!!! Spring has been kind to us so far and it seems like this weekend will be no different. I don’t have any plans this weekend other than a run today and tomorrow, taxes and school work.  Last night Len and I had date night planned so he made dinner and we watched Up in The Air. I fell asleep within half hour so I’m not sure how it was. I do know that dinner was inspired by Thursday nights Marriage Ref. Green bean casserole anyone? There were no eyeballs or mysterious meat in it but good nonetheless.  Len was in charge of picking up the ingredients and putting it together. Typically I don’t let him make dinner because I like control in the kitchen but I decided to let it go and enjoy a meal by my man. Those french fried onions are SO good but you can literally taste the lard on them. With that description you’d think they taste terrible but not so much. We had a sweet potato on the side topped with REAL maple syrup.

Before dinner I had an apple chip appetizer brought home by Lenny. They were so good and I ate the whole 2.5 servings bag. Oops!! There was no way I could have put that bag down.

Despite my sugary, salty and fatty dinner, I still managed to drop half a pound. I know it’s not much but if we think back to last weekend, I didn’t exactly have the cleanest week of eating so I’ll take it.

Yesterdays lunch consisted of a wrap I’ve been making for the last two days– 100 calories Lavish bread, laughing cow, lots of arugula and beautiful avocado. So good. String cheese and cauliflower with hummus were eaten at lunch.

Now that's gorgeous

Pile on the peppery arugula

I ended up replacing the popcorn and apple for a lemon cookie. So worth it. Lemon is such an underrated flavor.

The past two mornings also consisted of smoothies– almond mill, frozen berries, spinach and either strawberry or vanilla protein powder. I bragged about how good they are at work but everyone promised to take my word for it. I can understand since they don’t look very appetizing. No pictures though, sorry!

I caught up on an interesting Oprah yesterday about sex habits of couples. One couple hadn’t had sex in 2.5 years and the other couple only had sex when the woman bartered for it. “You pick up the house and I’ll have sex with you” type of thing. She also hated the idea of kissing, though this only started once she had kids. Obviously, they had their deeper issues going on but we won’t bother with those right now.

Are you happy with your sex life? Unfortunately I’ve never been someone who desired lots of sex so I definitely need to step it up in that area. I admire those people who need it and really have a craving for it on a regular basis.

Enjoy your day and have some sex!

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