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warm and fuzzy

Thanks for such helpful and honest feedback and support. Despite my battle with the blog, I really do love posting, reading your comments, and following many of you on your own blogs. I think that over time I will figure out what direction I want this to go in but for now I want to focus less on food. Taking pictures of every meal is sort of a pain in the ass and let’s face it people, how many bowls of refried beans and hummus do you really want to see? I think I’ll just take each day as it comes and post whatever happens to be relevant that moment, some of which will be kick ass meals and treats. Hopefully, you’ll still be interested and keep reading. Thanks again for the support (as always!).

I busted out my stash of supplements yesterday in an attempt to start taking them. I am SO not good at doing so and end up wasting many bottles. The smell, the taste, the size, everything about them bug me out. What I dislike most about them is that they turn my pee yellow. I hate yellow pee and need to see a nice clear stream otherwise I know I’m dehydrated. Vitamins mess with my clear flow. Either way, I took them yesterday and will attempt to do so until I forget–which will probably be tonight.

What supplements do you take and why?

Tomorrow is my last day of booty and I’m totally bummed about it. I feel like a plan is needed, like asap. My half marathon is a week from Saturday. Girlfriend hasn’t ran more than 3 miles in the last month. What am I going to do??? They better have free bagels at the end of the race or someone’s going down.

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