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Thank you, bed head.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought, “Dang girl, you lookin’ good!” ¬†I’m rocking some serious bed head and some how it’s working for me. Who needs a brush, flat-iron or blow dryer when every morning we wake to the magical creation of hair that’s flattened in some places, bushy in others, maybe a few kinks for good measure. Natures miracle, if you ask me.

Good news! I just signed up for another month of boot camp. I’ve been thinking seriously about it for the last few days and decided to go for it. It’s such a hard decision because booty is over 20o bucks per month but it makes me feel really good. To me, confidence is priceless. That and I’m expecting a small tax return so in my twisted brain it all makes sense.

These are some of the perks listed on the Ultimate Boot camp website.

Results-driven workouts with a major calorie burn (500-700 calories) —I’ve been wearing my heart rate monitor and it reads anywhere between 520 calories to 650. That’s freaking kick ass.

Tone and tighten with a wide variety of full-body muscle conditioning exercise –I didn’t take any measurements prior to starting so I’m unsure about any changes. Maybe after month two I’ll see a difference. I feel better though.

Motivating Trainers will push you to the next level –Part of the reason why I signed up is because the same trainers that taught us this month are teaching next class. I really enjoyed both of them. I’ve had some not so fabulous trainers at times but John and Craig are the shit.

Stay accountable with the non-intimidating group environment –When people hear boot camp they think hardcore, scream in your face workout. This is not at all the case. The trainers push us in a manner that’s helpful not hurtful.

Pretty cool, right? Gotta run and finish up some last-minute edits before class. Three more weeks of  graduate school and I am done FOREVER!!

April 16, 2010 Posted by | Boot camp, Graduate School | 12 Comments