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Now you can be traumatized, too.

I can’t stop thinking about my church experience this weekend. It really impacted me in a negative way and I want you all to suffer understand what keeps playing over and over in my head.  I watched many “speaking in tongues” youtube videos in an attempt to find the perfect something that matched the freakiness that was my Saturday.  This video came the closest to replicating it. Just imagine being surrounded by that sound.

Did you watch? To be fair, I couldn’t see anyone’s face so I’m not sure if they had that look of terror or not.

Moving on. Remember a few months back when Clif bar sent me tons and tons of bars? Well they’re long gone now so it was definitely time to restock.

Shaws has a sale going on and most Clif bars are 1 buck. Not sure why I felt the need to get two of each flavor. I’m excited to try the graham cracker Clif Z bar and the Luna Protein bars. Yum, yum.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time thinking about my work but never doing it. My friend Meg and I went out for a late lunch, then I joined Len for his even later lunch at a local bar. I sipped on a Cherry Wheat beer (which I’m still wild for) while Len had a pomegranate wheat beer. It had an interesting taste to it but mine was better.

I must admit, it’s SO nice not taking pictures of my every single bit of food I eat. It’s like a renewed sense of freedom. The weird thing is that I never really minded taking pictures until I stopped doing it.

Gotta run, this week is going to be CRAZZYYYYY!

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