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Morning! I’m feeling a little overwhelmed this morning as I have a full day ahead of me, a presentation that I am not prepared for tonight and preparation for leaving on a jet plane tomorrow. When I get home tonight I have to pack, clean the house for the person who’s staying with Eleanor, get Ellie’s “stuff” all squared away, etc.

I’m so excited for Nashville but nervous at the same time. The weather is calling for 73 for the high with a chance of thunderstorms. I hope it doesn’t get too hot out there. The race starts at seven in the morning which is brilliant. Early mornings make for better runs. Lisa things that we’ll be running together which is a joke considering she runs at a 7 something pace and I’m the old goat trying to maintain a 10 mile pace.

My sister and I are planning to (possibly) get a tattoo while we’re there. She already has 4 of them but I’m scared stiff of that needle thing and the wretched noise it makes. There’s a good possibility that I’ll bail on that plan–tattoo parlors remind me of the dentist and the dentist reminds me of hell. Speaking of, I totally have a cavity or something because my teeth are SO sensitive.

I made the decision NOT to bring my laptop to Nashville. This forces me to take a break from the online world and really focus on the people who I’m with. With that said, this will probably be the last post till Sunday night or Monday morning.

Wish me luck, pray for me (even if in tongue) and have a great weekend. xo

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